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The 5 Most Amazing Cities in Germany

We all know Germany to be the economic powerhouse of Europe. But in fact, Germany offers the places one could visit for an exciting and beautiful vacation in Europe. You can easily access the towns and cities of Germany through a large network of highways (autobahns) and railways circuits that connect the whole European continent.

If you happen to take a vacation abroad, you could visit Germany. Germany has one of the most beautiful scenic beauty portrayed in city life. The town-built and nature surrounding them are unparalleled. Every city in Germany holds historical importance.

Instead of Paris and London, give the capital of Germany, Berlin, a try. Imagine being able to witness the historic places where the holocaust took place! Aside from incredible scenery, you could also enrich with a cultural experience! Isn’t that amazing?

The cities of Germany offer a little of everything. From majestic mountains of the Bavarian Alps to the beautiful valleys of the Mosel and Rhine rivers. From the smooth shoreline of the Lake Constance to the rugged coastlines along the Baltic and the North Sea.

If you decide to take a Germany trip, these are the 5 most amazing tourists spots Germany offers:


Going on a Germany trip and not visiting the capital of Germany, Berlin, would be a shame. You have to spend at least a few days in Berlin to enjoy its beauty properly. Berlin is undoubtedly the most lively and vibrant capital in Europe. In Berlin, you can savour quality and delicious foods all across the capital. You can also enjoy shopping for place-specific materials in this beautiful city. Berlin is filled with famous cultural heritages. You can explore numerous art galleries and museums. Moreover, Berlin’s Museum Island was specially built for museums that would take days to explore. You can enjoy concerts by the renowned Berlin philharmonic orchestra. Other attractions include the Mitte District and the Boulevard Gate.


The city of Munich holds vast historical and cultural knowledge. Being the capital of the state of Bavaria, it is one of the largest German cities. Most people taking a Germany trip include this place on their tourist list. The most fascinating fact about Munich is that it is located on the edge of the beautiful Bavarian Alps. You can witness some of the oldest churches, such as  Peterskirche, which was built in the 1300s. Others include Frauenkirche, the iconic cathedral, and the Michaelskirche. Exploring the city’s large open square, the Marienplatz, is the most delightful experience. You can observe old architects all around the square.

Medieval Rothenburg

The old town of Rothenberg ob der Tauber is the most aesthetic place you will find on your Germany trip. It is located in the heart of Bavaria, high above the River Tauber. This city of Germany has retained many authentic medieval old structures. You can see the 13th century-old Town Hall, Rathaus, the magnificent Imperial City Museum, and the historic Castle Gardens. You will observe that the Castle GArdens has not changed a bit since the 17th century.


If you are a pilgrim and are interested in historic religious structures, the city of Cologne is a must-visit on your Germany trip. Romans originally settled in this town. As a result, the old town is the home of 12 classic old churches, including the renowned Cologne Cathedral. You can spend hours appreciating the beauty of these old structures. Cologne has also become the centre of trade. The streets are bustling with modern boutique shops, cafes, and galleries. You can try out the extraordinary Cologne-made chocolates. Another aesthetic attraction of this city is the fact that the Rhine river runs slices through it.

Koblenz and the Rhine Valley

You can take a week-long river cruise down the Rhine on your Germany trip. You will eventually reach the amazing dock city of Koblenz. The first thing you should do upon reaching is witness one of Germany’s most interesting natural phenomena- the meeting of two magnificent rivers of, Mosel and Rhine. This amazing place is overlooked by the impressive equestrian statue of King Wilhelm I. You can also enjoy an evening concert if you time your journey right.

Jeff Campbell