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The Ann Richards Play: a Drama of Everyday Life

Ann, by Austin playwright Cherylene Lee, tells the true story of Ann Richards, the Governor of Texas from 1991-1995. The play centers on her uphill battle to be elected governor in 1990 against an opponent that had never lost an election during his three-decade career as a Democratic politician in Texas, as well as her term as governor through the eyes of some of her closest friends and advisers and her mother.

This innovative and humorous new play introduces us to a nuanced, vibrant, and enthralling character larger than the state from which she sprang. ANN, written and performed by Two and a Half Men’s Holland Taylor, a recipient of an Emmy Award, offers a candid portrait of the passionate lady who improved the lives of her devotees, friends, and family.

The production uses humor and drama to illustrate why Richards was named the best state executive in America by the Governing magazine before she left office.

What Was She Renowned For?

ANN, by Austin playwright Cherylene Lee, is a work of non-fiction that follows Texas Governor Ann Richards during her last year in office. She was known as a women’s rights activist and a witty one at that. As governor, she championed things like family planning programs and set up programs to ensure that single mothers and their children had access to food stamps. After her time in office, she spent time building schools for girls throughout Africa before she passed away on 13 September 2006.

Where Can You See It?

You can find ANN at the following theaters in Austin, Texas: ZACH Theatre, Zachary Scott Theatre Center, Hyde Park Theatre, and the Roxy Performance Space. You can also see it in Dallas at the Wyly Theater. More information and tickets for this renowned theater event can be obtained at

Supporting Local Artists

When you’re looking for a night out on the town, there are plenty of options available. But what about when you want to spend your evening supporting local artists? ANN: The Ann Richards play, is a new theater event that will be coming to Dallas’ AT&T Performing Arts Center in November. This show is notable because it features an all-female cast of Dallas-based actors who will honor one of our city’s most famous and beloved citizens.

Why Should You Support This Production?

The Ann Richards play will be an excellent production, showcasing the life and legacy of the late Texas politician and Democratic National Convention keynote speaker. ANN showcases her rise to power in Texas politics, her tenure as governor, and how she became a nationally recognized political figure. It depicts her wit and humor on the campaign trail, being female in a male-dominated field, what it was like to lead during a time of crisis with Hurricane Ike, and more.

Final Thoughts

Tickets for the show are now on sale and can be purchased at

Your investment includes snacks, cocktails, transportation to and from the theater, admission to the event, and your front-row seat in the theater. Plus, you will have an opportunity to chat with some of Austin’s brightest stars in politics and arts at this one-of-a-kind experience.

We hope you will join us!


Jeff Campbell