The Best Electric Cars for Low-Cost Travel and Lower Emissions

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular because they help drivers save on fuel costs. Environmentalists around the world like this type of transport the most because such cars are practically harmless to the environment. But no matter how safe these cars are, they are not yet very widespread in the automotive market, so their prices remain very high. In this article, we will look at the most budget friendly and affordable options.

What Is an Electric Car?

It is a car driven by one or more electric motors powered by an independent source of electricity and not by an internal combustion engine.

Each electric car consists of the main components:

  • electric motor;
  • battery power, the capacity of which depends on the power of the motor;
  • inverter;
  • electronic system;
  • transmission;
  • the converter.

The engine has two main parts – the stator and the rotor. A magnetic field arises in the stator, and with its help, the second element begins to move, in which there is an induction current. The electric energy trapped on the winding is converted into rotational energy.

The motor, in turn, is powered by a battery. The voltage in new cars can reach 700 V.

An electric car does not need a gearbox with multiple speeds and a large transmission. A step-down gearbox docked with the engine is enough. Such a vehicle can develop high torque from almost zero revolutions.

Pros and Cons of Electric Vehicles

+ Lower fuel costs;                                                 – A small number of charging points;

+ Much noisier;                                                      – Speed limit and power reserve;

+ Easy to maintain;                                              – Loss of time when charging;

+ Trend, fashion;                                                    – High price;

+ Safety;                                                                  – Operation in cold weather.

+ Perfect for the city;

+ Powerful motors.

Factors Affecting the Price of Electric Cars

  • A small number of manufactured cars. An individual product is always more expensive than the mass market.
  • Maintenance costs, dealers’ work, preparation of transport for climatic conditions and different road quality.
  • The cost of the battery. 70% of the price of the entire electric car is the cost of the battery
  • Manufacturer, class of electric car, country of manufacture. The most affordable cars are produced in China and India.

Rating of the Best Electric Vehicles for a Comfortable and Budget Trip

If we talk about the price range, then it’s really possible to take a good new car for £10 000 – £20 000. Smaller cars are even more budget-friendly – from £8,065. You can also contact CarPlus; in the help and advice section, you will find answers to your questions.

1.  Renault ZOE

Price: from £23 505

An electric car of the French brand for short trips around the city. The power reserve is enough for 300- 400 kilometres, taking into account different conditions. The interior is pleasant, and the seats are covered with durable fabric. The car has modern electronics, and the boot is quite roomy for the city – 388 litres.

There are two complete sets with different engine capacities – 107 and 134 hp. The car is powered by a lithium-ion battery. Charging time at the station is 3 hours, and outside the station – 9 hours. The maximum speed is 135 km per hour.

2.  Peugeot e-208

Price: from £26 508

One of the cheapest electric cars. Production is also in France. Compact, cute with a stylish design and a power of 136 hp. In warm weather, when fully charged, you can drive 320 kilometres; in cold weather – 240 km. The battery capacity is 50 kW. The maximum acceleration speed is 150 km/h.

The charger connector is located on the rear wing. It charges very quickly at the station – 30 minutes, home charging – 16 hours.

3.  Renault Twizy.

Price: from £9 045

One of the most affordable electric vehicles. The car is manufactured in Spain. The first thing that catches your eye is the tiny size. The interior is designed for only one person. It’s the perfect car for an introvert. The characteristics are also tiny: the power reserve is 100 km, and the maximum speed is 80 km per hour.

The battery (6.1 kW/h) is charged in 3 hours regardless of the charging location. This car cannot be charged faster because it does not support high-speed charging.

4.  Skoda Citigo-e IV

Price: from £17200

A solid, slightly more expensive car from the Czech Republic. Five doors and quite a good capacity. There is everything you need for comfortable driving – multimedia, climate control, and a built-in computer. A full charge will be enough for a distance of 260 kilometres. The maximum speed is 130 km per hour.

The 61 kW motor is powered by a 36 kW/h battery. At stations, the car can be charged in 1 hour; at home – in 12 hours.

5.  Smart Forfour

Price: from £19 674

A budget electric car with a nice design, leather interior and easy operation. The country of origin is the Netherlands. The electronics are decent. All the necessary signals and sensors are displayed on the dashboard. After the motor is turned off, the machine itself enters power recovery mode. The option is important and thoughtful because the power reserve is only 130 km.

The maximum speed is 130 km per hour. The engine’s power is 80 hp. You can “refuel” this car in 34 minutes at the station and 3.5 hours from a regular outlet at home.

6.  Volkswagen e-Up

Price: from £20 893

A comfortable and affordable hatchback from Germany with an interesting interior and a 55-hp motor. The Yemets is designed for trips around the city. The maximum speed is 135 km/h. Fully charged, it will travel up to 260 km. The advantage of this car is its almost complete noiselessness and ease of operation. The interior is very comfortable; it fits four adults, like an ordinary wide car.

This electric car has an excellent and irreplaceable function – the speed range at which it is most efficient is displayed in blue on the dashboard. The battery (38.6 kW / h) is charged at a specialised station in around 60 minutes and at home – in 16 hours.


We have discussed the most budget-friendly and comfortable electric vehicles. The prices are approximate but very close: the final cost depends on the country of purchase, the selected configuration, as well as on the age of the purchased car. The situation in the automotive market is unstable, so please recheck the final price with an official dealer. These prices are current at the time of publication of the article. We wish you good luck with your purchase!

Jeff Campbell