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The Best NFL Stadiums you should Visit with your Family

The NFL continues to grow as a major sporting brand and league with every passing year by way of attracting a number of eager tourists to visit some of their latest venue additions and renovations as well as an increased attention drawn to improving all in-game experiences both on and off the field.

The overall influx of fan support and related interest across all wider NFL activity has become very apparent over the past few years which has encouraged more teams to invest millions upon billions of dollars into their home stadium’s latest designs and enhancements.

Many fans will look to travel out to one of these stadiums to catch a glimpse of their favorite teams/players in action ahead of an annual gameday, whilst more causal sporting fanatics may often highlight their interest towards the unique concessions and experience that such venues so often provide.

Whatever stance you may take, it is still important to note as to which NFL stadiums are the best to visit based on various factors including design, atmosphere, on-field product and prices.

These are some of the top NFL stadiums that any football fan should be raring to visit as soon as possible:

  • GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium – Kansas City Chiefs:

This startling venue offers all visiting fans of the sport with plenty of excellent amenities to enjoy across any matchday.

The Chiefs have retained their status as harboring some of the NFL’s best fans and electric atmosphere at any home game, which has been further intensified in recent years thanks to the stellar performances and overwhelming amount of success that star-studded QB Patrick Mahomes has brought the team, including a championship winning result at Superbowl LIV in 2020.

In the latest NFL odds, the Chiefs are ranked at +500 to claim their second Superbowl title in just four years, meaning that Arrowhead stadium is officially one of the best places to catch a game these days, amidst all the eccentric atmosphere that this historic venue so often provides.

  • SoFi Stadium – LA Rams/Chargers:

This is one of only two stadiums that hosts two NFL clubs with both the LA Rams and Chargers both remaining as perennial playoff contenders every year, which can make for some excellent viewing.

SoFi is also one of the world’s most impressive and awe-inspiring venues for opposing fans to visit thanks to its impeccable design on both the exterior and interior as well as the surrounding area also featuring several noticeable leisure destinations to keep all parties entertained.

Last year’s Superbowl game was played at this lavish venue, which the LA Rams won by beating the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20, with the event receiving wide-spread positive remarks from fans thanks to SoFi’s impressive hospitality which has now proven to be a staple home to both the Rams and Chargers throughout the season.

  • US Bank Stadium – Minnesota Vikings:

Whilst the often-frigid winter weather of Minneapolis can often scour away many tourists from the area, most fans have still retained an interest in attending some of the very latest NFL games that feature the Vikings in action at their new home ground.

After the shocking collapse of the Metrodome back in 2010, the Vikings’ latest home endeavors are ranked as one of the most stunning landmarks in the NFL today and has already hosted its fair share of dramatic NFL moments.

Without question, the greatest moment in Vikings recent history, since moving to the new ground, has included the ‘Minneapolis Miracle’ and the creation of the Vikings ‘Skol’ chant which has proven to be a deafening addition to all of the latest home encounters, as the team is also bolstering the NFC North’s best record and the opportunity to advance back to the playoffs with Kirk Cousins and star Wide Receiver Justin Jefferson leading their offence.

  • Lumen Field – Seattle Seahawks:

Even with the inevitable departure of Russell Wilson in the summer, the Seahawks faithful have remain loyal and truthful towards their team, which has so far worked in mixed results.

Lumen Field ranks as one of the league’s most raucous venues and is located within the heart of downtime Seattle, Washington, with dazzling viewers overlooking the city skyline.

This ground has seen its fair share of success over the years, particularly in the early 2010s when the Seahawks won their first and only Superbowl game, with the franchise still remaining hotly involved in numerous playoff appearances in the years since.

  • Mercedes Benz Stadium – Atlanta Falcons:

Whilst the Atlanta Falcons are often at the laughingstock of most jokes in the NFL, mainly thanks to their infamous 28-3 collapse back at Superbowl LI in 2016, yet their home stadium is certainly well worth the hype surrounding a trip to Atlanta, Georgia.

This stadium has many outstanding features including its retractable roof and stunning outlook, with Falcons fans also being mindful to bring plenty of noise to matchday encounters, making for a tremendous day-out with the family.

No matter if the on-court product is often wavering between elite and underwhelming, this venue still provides fans with all the grandeur and spectacle of attending any such contest in the NFL in such a stunning venue.

  • Caesar’s Superdome – New Orleans Saints:

Both this current venue and its hosting team, the New Orleans Saints, have faired better in recent years compared to the shoddy performances that most fans have been forced to contend with, yet there is still no arguing this stadium’s status as an all-time piece of artistry within the NFL landscape.

This stadium has hosted numerous Superbowl events in the past and has continuously enjoyed several expensive renovations to help maintain its look and appeal towards all NFL fans and officials.

Saints fans are also insanely passionate about their team which can make for a gritty atmosphere on gameday as well as the opportunity to look back on the several impressive feats of success that this club has acquired over the years, as the Saints are still widely recognizable in the US sporting market as one of the nation’s most storied teams.




Jeff Campbell