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The Best Photo Gift Ideas for Your Friends and Family

For many people today, photos are the best way to store our memories forever in physical form. The photos that you have might not just be some of your best memories, but also the memories that you have of the people in the photos. Photos can be a simple way to transport us back to some of the best times in our lives including big events like weddings, the birth of a child, and more. Photos can make you laugh, smile, or even cry remembering the day that they were taken.

When it comes to choosing the perfect gift for a family member or friend, it makes sense to use a photo or two. There are lots of things that you can do to turn your precious photos into some of the most beautiful, thoughtful gifts to give to somebody you care about.

Photos not quite right? Then perhaps something as simple as a friendship ring could suffice.

Photo Frames

A simple and effective gift is to put a photo in a frame. If you have lots of different photos to give, then you can have copies of them made and put into a multi-frame to display all together. If you are looking for a thoughtful, personalized gift idea that isn’t going to cost the earth, getting a nice frame, and putting a special photo in it is a great idea. And it’s a gift that you can give to almost anybody. Parents are always going to appreciate framed photos of their family and kids, or if you’re looking for a gift to give a happy couple for their anniversary, a framed wedding photo will always bring a smile to their face.

Photo Canvases

If you want to give somebody a simple yet thoughtful give that they can use in their home for décor, a photo canvas is a great option. Affordable yet effective, this is a great way to blow up your best photos for hanging on the wall. Photos are printed on canvas material before being wrapped around a wooden frame to keep it tight and make it mountable on the wall. Canvas prints can be ordered online; all you need to do is upload your chosen photo, choose your size, and place your order. Canvas prints can make the perfect personalised mothers day gifts, and are available from Photobox. Photobox offers a wide range of personalized photo gift products including a range of personalized mother’s day gifts that your mum will love. Along with getting her favorite photo of you all together printed on a canvas, you can put her favorite photos on mugs, keyrings, coasters, and more.

Photo Greetings Cards

If you’re looking for the perfect greetings card to wish a friend or relative a happy birthday or celebrate a special day like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, then personalizing it with a photo can make it even more special. Personalized photo greeting cards are easy to order online, or you could even have a go at making your own if you like crafting. They are a great option for new baby congratulations cards or milestone birthdays where you want to give the recipient something a little more unique and special compared to an off-the-rack card.

Photo Phone Case

Most people these days have a smartphone, and they usually protect it with a case. A photo phone case is another gift idea that’s not only thoughtful and unique but can also be very useful. You can easily order photo phone cases and have them printed for a wide range of different smartphones. It’s an ideal gift idea if you do not have a huge amount of money to spend but want to make sure that the person you are giving the gift to knows that you have put in a lot of thought to choose and give them something that is going to mean a lot to them.

Photo Book

A photo book is the perfect gift idea if you have a lot of photographs that you want to make into a gift for somebody. You can use a photo book to celebrate a special day. Milestone birthdays are a great event for a photo book as you can use photos of the recipient from birth to now throughout the book to celebrate their life so far. They can also make a perfect gift idea for your mum for Mother’s Day; choose photos of all the things that you have done with her since being a child until now, to keep all of her precious memories in one place. There are tons of different things that you can do with a photo book to make it even more special including adding space to the pages so that the recipient can write notes or writing in your own memories of the day.

Photo Calendar

A calendar is always a useful gift, especially at Christmas time. Whether you’re buying a gift for somebody who has a December or January birthday or want to get a fun and thoughtful stocking filler for somebody next Christmas, putting their favorite photos onto a calendar is a great idea. Not only is this a gift that they can use to track appointments, birthdays, and other important dates, but they can also display their favorite photos in their home with a different one to enjoy each month.

Photo Home Décor

When it comes to decorating a home, many people enjoy making it their own – and filling it with photos of the people who are important in their life is one of the easiest ways to do this. But instead of the usual photos in frames and canvas prints, having your favorite photos printed on your home décor can be a fun option. Photo cushions, for example, are the perfect gift idea for somebody who is moving into a new home, or just to let them know you appreciate them. They’re soft and comfortable, and can be a great way to display your favorite family photos around your home if you don’t want to put holes in the wall for frames or don’t have a lot of shelf space.

Photo Mugs

Having a photo printed on a mug is another fun way to give somebody a thoughtful gift that also serves a useful purpose. Mugs are usually a main item in the kitchen for anybody who drinks coffee or tea. If you want to buy a great gift for somebody who loves their hot beverages without spending a huge amount of money, getting one of their favourite snaps printed on a mug can be a great idea. You can even get colour-changing mugs where the photo appears when they pour their coffee or tea into it.

Photo Games and Puzzles

Personalized playing cards, UNO cards, or jigsaw puzzles can also make excellent gift ideas. Instead of going for the generic version, you can personalize it with a favorite photo to make it a unique version that nobody except the recipient owns. Photo jigsaw puzzles are great ideas for families and playing cards can be a fun gift for a friend, relative, or partner, along with being something that you can do together.

Whether you are looking for a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift idea for your mum or need ideas for what you can get your friends and family for birthdays and Christmas, photo gifts are a simple, affordable way to give something unique.

Jeff Campbell