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3 Factors That Affect The Cost To Tear Off And Replace A Roof

You don’t need to be a roofing expert to understand the basics of roofing. However, most homeowners know that tearing off and replacing a roof can be costly. As a homeowner, it is top on your list to know how much it will cost to tear off and replace a roof.

You probably don’t have a clue if you’re like most people. That’s because many variables are involved when estimating the cost of tearing off and replacing a roof. This article will break down three factors that affect the cost of tearing off and replacing your home’s roof:

Size of your roof

The size of your roof is one of the most significant factors in determining how much it will cost to tear off and replace your roof. In addition, the roof area will determine how much you need materials and the labour costs required.

You may complete the work quickly and easily if you have a small home with a small roof area. But the larger the roof, the more expensive it will be to tear off and replace, and the more difficult it will be to complete the work.

So, if you have a large roof, you’ll likely want to hire contractors who specialize in such projects so that they can get it done quickly and efficiently without costing too much labor.

Type of shingles

Another factor affecting the cost is whether you have asphalt or wood shingles.

Asphalt shingles are pretty cheap and easy to install. They can be found at almost any hardware store or home improvement store and come in various colors and styles.

They are also durable since they are from recycled materials such as recycled rubber tires or plastic bottles.

If you have asphalt shingles, a typical tear-off and re-installation costs $4,200 to $5,400 for every 100 square feet. This price includes the removal of all existing asphalt shingles and the installation of new ones.

Wood shingles are more expensive than asphalt shingles because they are from natural wood fibers instead of recycled materials. They also require more labor time because they have to be installed by hand with nails instead of being glued down as asphalt shingles do.

If you have wood shingles, a typical tear-off and re-installation cost $6,000 to $8,000. This price includes the removal of all existing wood shingles and installing new ones.

Do you have an attic or space above your home’s second floor?

This will determine whether or not you need to remove all of the roof covering and insulation from the second floor’s ceiling space and the attic above it.

If you don’t have an attic above your home’s second-level ceiling, this process will be pretty simple: remove all the old roofing material from your home and install new shingles. However, if an attic is above your second-floor ceiling, you must take additional steps during this process. You need to ensure proper ventilation so that moisture does not build up inside the room, which would cause mold growth on your new roof, leading to leaks over time if left untreated.

Final Thoughts

If the damage on your roof is because of weather or age, it may be time for repair or replacement, and if you don’t know the factors that will affect the cost, you must remember the three things listed above.

In addition, when it comes to tearing or replacing your home’s roof, things can get tricky because many homeowners don’t know whether they should do the repairs themselves or hire a contractor. Hiring a contractor is worth it if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself.




Jeff Campbell