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The Impact of Finances on Power Dynamics in Relationships

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Gender stereotypes

The impact of gender stereotypes on relationships remains a topic of interest for people all around the world, irrespective of gender, class or financial standing. A gender stereotype can be defined as “a generalised view or preconception about attributes or characteristics, or the roles that are or ought to be possessed by, or performed by people depending on their gender identity, gender expression and/or their gender assigned at birth.” Some of the common stereotypes are that women should be the ones cooking and cleaning and performing all the household duties, while the man should be the provider who works long hours and brings in the money. Although as we evolve as a people, gender stereotypes are gradually starting to fall away and be disregarded, but the fact that they are embedded in society and traditional media’s representation of genders makes it slightly more difficult for them to be completely eradicated.

To a certain extent, these very stereotypes have also informed the structure of many households and relationships. In a situation where one parent needs to stay at home and look after the kids, it is often the woman who must compromise and give up their career. On the other hand, a man who earns less than his partner, or earns nothing at all, is sometimes not given the respect and position he deserves, as some people may view him as a failure for supposedly failing to provide for his family. It is important to address these issues within your relationship and establish your own way of doing things, as these preconceived ideas can cause serious damage in relationships.

Finances and power dynamics

As already noted above, finances remain an integral part of any relationship and have an impact on a couple’s future. Because of this, men have been known to go to extreme lengths just to prove their worth and avoid being shunned or shamed by society. It is no wonder that some have turned to the likes of stock or forex trading as an investment alternative or an immediate source of income, depending on their chosen trading period. Interestingly though, women are said to be more likely to succeed at forex trading because they are generally more cautious and risk averse, which leads to them making better and informed trading decisions. That being said, all traders are well aware that USD and EUR forex trading is often championed, as these two currencies are strong performers on the financial markets.

That being said, men remain dominant in such spaces because their ability to make money has an impact on their egos, confidence and sense of worth. Experts have admitted that men who are not able to financially provide for their partners or families go through many emotions as it creates a sense of imbalance. Their confidence to lead and make decisions is impacted because they feel that they have no say in how things should be. If not properly and effectively addressed, this can lead to moments of outbursts and frustration, which could potentially cause the demise of any relationship.

Jeff Campbell