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The Most Common Reasons You’ll Need Your Roof Repaired

Your roof is an essential part of your house. Apart from being the crown of your design, it protects you and your loved ones from the harsh weather outside. Like any other part of your house, the roof is also prone to wear over time. A damaged roof is an eyesore and a danger to the house’s occupants as well.

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Common Reasons for Roofing Damage

There are many reasons your roof will need repair. Here is a look at the most common ones.

●    Wind Damage

Wind can be one of the most destructive forces on earth. On a relatively windy day, the wind constantly pelts your roof with small objects it picks along its path. It starts to weaken the bonding structures such as the nails and joints as it gets stronger. Eventually, the wind rips off iron sheets and whole roofs as we enter hurricane season in some parts of the country.

Strong winds also cause heavy objects such as branches and electricity poles to fall on roofs, leaving them damaged and needing repair.

●    Water Damage

Water can also be a very destructive force when not controlled. Water causes the metal part of your roof, such as the iron sheets, to rust. If it comes in contact with the wood, it might seep in and cause it to bend and rot over time. This rot damages the roof’s structural integrity, causing a great risk to the inhabitants of the house. Heavy rains may wreak havoc on roofs due to the amount of water and wind they subject the roofs to.

●    Direct Heat From the Sun

Direct heat from the sun has a damaging effect on roofing. Shingles sometimes start to weaken and eventually crack, exposing vulnerable parts of the roof. Damage from the sun takes a long time before its effects get noticed. This long-term effect makes people generally unaware of its destructive nature.

●    Fire Damage

Fire outbreaks are common in most homes now that the modern kitchen is situated inside the house, unlike the prehistoric times. Since fire burns upwards, roofs are almost always affected in major fire outbreaks. Wood is known to burn and quickly spread the flame to its surroundings readily.

●    General Wear and Tear

Roofing, like most manufactured things, does not last forever. Because of all the components that hold your roof together, one or two inevitably start to fail after a while. A failure of one part of the roof then sets the stage for failure of all the other components.

●    Damage by Insects and Animals

Insects such as termites are known to damage wood over time. It would be best to treat a termite infestation with great urgency as it risks the timber in your roofing. Animals such as woodpeckers also destroy the integrity of the wood and should be warded off.

Get Your Roofing Maintained by the Pros.

Roofing damage is an inevitable inconvenience that every building owner has to experience from time to time. The good news is you can deal with the problem before it gets too far. Having your roof regularly inspected and maintained by professionals will ensure you deal with any problem before it gets out of hand. Contact a professional roofing company today to keep your home safe.



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