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The Rise of the Shoffice and What It Means for Work-from-home Employees

More than a year into the pandemic, many employees have failed to create a dedicated workstation right at their homes. With limited space, some have to make do with their available resources by setting up their workstation in the sofas, kitchen tables, or spare bedrooms. But as companies gradually embrace the work-from-home setup, employees have to look for peaceful and permanent solutions to their workspace dilemma.

Today, a new home office trend is coming in the remote working culture: the shoffice. The shoffice is a workspace carved out from a garden shed. The rising trend of the shoffice didn’t come as a surprise, as gardening bloomed during the pandemic. Gardening became a popular pastime that even novice gardeners are turning to advanced gardening tools such as gardening growing zones to plan their garden.

As more people turn their garden sheds into an office, hobby room, or art studio, it’s important to recognize the opportunities of having a shoffice and ways to get one for your home. That said, this article will shed light on what shoffice means, its advantages, and ways to make it work for your garden.

What is a shoffice?

A shoffice is a combination of the words ‘shed’ and ‘office’. It acts as a garden room that doubles as an office, hobby room, or art studio. The shoffice started in the UK among remote workers who want to have a dedicated office space in their backyards. Instead of relocating, urban dwellers invested in creating a building in their garden to expand their property in a cost-effective way.
Regardless of size and budget restrictions, the shoffice offers a convenient medium for remote workers, minus the distractions at home and inconveniences of commuting to the office.

The benefits of having a shoffice

A shoffice offers endless opportunities for any work-from-home employee. This works well for those who prefer working at a quiet place with zero distractions. Since you’ll be setting it up in the garden, the office will be at a safe distance away from noisy family members and other interruptions.

Having the garden as an office location is beneficial for your mental health and overall well-being. Nothing feels better when working close to nature with a sufficient source of natural light and pleasant view. Being surrounded by greenery is also good for the eyes. Studies show that staring at the color green is good for the vision, especially if you’ve been working for long hours in front of the screen.

A shoffice doesn’t need to have a single function. You can use it as a home gym, craft room, music studio, or personal salon. If the room is big enough, share it with other family members by using it to accommodate other activities. This is also a great meeting place if there will be clients or guests coming into your house.

Basic requirements of a shoffice

There are plenty of design options for a modular office in the garden. When picking the right furnishings, consider the size of the garden, the nature of work (i.e. special features or equipment), and aesthetic preferences.

The first step to creating an office shed is to establish the level foundation, base framing, decking, wall raising, and roof laying. These elements will ensure the office will remain standing regardless of the weather condition.

Next are the doors, windows, and cladding. When choosing windows, focus on how it will affect the lighting inside the office. You may install a glass wall to have a better view of the garden.

When installing the electronics and internet, hire a professional electrician to ensure quality electrical work for your office equipment. You should also include an air-conditioning unit and insulation so you can work comfortably whether in warm or cool months.

When picking furnishings, choose comfortable and soft pieces. Having a comfortable space is important since you’ll be several hours in your office. Add a wool throw, carpet, and soft cushions to create a warm, comfy atmosphere. You may also go for feature chairs instead of the standard office chair. Place it near the window to dedicate a quiet spot for your office breaks.

Since office sheds have limited space, use multifunctional storage solutions to keep the office tidy and free from clutter. Use a well-proportioned desk to accommodate all your devices, such as the laptop, keyboard, and mouse.

Finding a peaceful workstation right in your home is no easy feat. The only way to make this possible is to separate your office from the house to escape all the unnecessary distractions. The shoffice offers a modern solution to nature-loving remote workers who want a pleasant view of nature while working. Take advantage of this home office trend to enjoy a relaxing permanent home office!

Jeff Campbell