Guide to Thermal Blankets for Shipping for Import/ Export Business

A thermal blanket assists in keeping cargo safe if you are transporting food, non-edible, or agricultural commodities that could spoil due to the detrimental effects of humidity or temperature fluctuation. Thermal blanket pallets assist in insulating and protecting your goods from spoiling and preserve its quality when it arrives at its final destination. Goods are kept cold in the summer, and shipments are kept from freezing in the winter.

As a result, your commodities will arrive in perfect working order.

How thermal blankets work

  • Protection

Plenty of businesses manufacture thermal blankets, of which they all function the same way. Clients can apply thermal pallet covers to shipments, protecting them from temperature damage. Thermal blankets for shipping are a more cost-effective solution than other insulating methods, such as refrigerated trucking. You can safeguard your products from heat damage during shipping and transportation by ordering thermal blankets for cargo. Most insulated pallet blankets are a dual-layered material that combines a super-insulating bubble layer and an ultra-radiant barrier. These two qualities give strength and flexibility, ensuring that the product is not pierced during shipment.

  • Insulated Pallet blankets help prevent light

UV radiation and odor transfer. It will save your money and quality by buying thermal blankets for shipping your products.

Because shipping containers travel through various climates, their metal walls can get more relaxed than the internal air, causing moisture in the air to condense and become liquid. This liquid then accumulates on the walls and ceiling; if the liquid drips down, it may harm the packaging and its content.

The blankets provide temperature stability, ensuring that the product stays at the proper temperature and protecting against condensation inside the container.

Benefits of Thermal Blankets for Shipping

  • Convenient

They are created from eco-friendly materials, thermal blankets for cargo are convenient. You may effortlessly dispose of these covers after usage, knowing that you are not contributing to environmental contamination.

  • Reusable

The majority of thermal blankets can be reused multiple times. As a result, investing in these coverings will save you a lot of money if you ship products frequently. When washing your pallet covers, use cold water and mild laundry or dish soap, and air dries only.

  • Easy to use

Applying and removing the thermal pallet coverings takes only a few minutes. You may find tutorial videos on how to roll out and apply the coverings.

  • Versatile

Thermal blankets are an excellent choice for shipping things domestically or internationally. Regardless of distance or external conditions, the thermal blankets for cargo will keep it constant.

How to Use and Install a Thermal Blanket

The complete installation process takes around 5-10 minutes, and you may install the pallet covers by yourself. The steps are as follows:

  • Set up the insulated pallet base.

If you ordered an insulated pallet base, you would need to install it first. This step, however, is optional because not all blankets come with a pallet base. Installing the foundation onto your plastic pallet is simple. The pallet base is placed with the sticky side facing up.

  • Add your commodity

After you’ve installed the pallet base, you may start stacking your merchandise on top of it. Make sure that your product is wrapped in a square and neat manner. It is done to ensure that the insulated cover fits perfectly.

  • Seal the product

It would be best if you covered the package once your products have been placed on the base. Make sure to seal all of the edges and corners to create an airtight atmosphere.

Final thoughts

Utilizing insulated pallet blankets can be done in various industries, including healthcare, agriculture products and tools, chemicals, and anything else that requires temperature regulation.

While some items can endure temperature changes, others are susceptible and can deteriorate, become unstable, or even be hazardous if temperatures shift even slightly over approved levels. Thermal blankets are an excellent way to ship your items, whether shipping from a warehouse or your home office.


Jeff Campbell