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Things Not To Do While Branding      

Branding is a very crucial part of any business. It defines what your brand is and what your aim, mission, and values are. Your company’s logo encapsulates your entire business mission which is why it needs to be designed carefully with patience. The perfect branding strategy will include the opinions of the designer, the strategist, and the founder.

The decision cannot be rushed and you need to align your ideas with your long-term and short-term goals. Here are a few mistakes that you must avoid at all costs to get your branding right.

No Branding Strategy

The most obvious step to take is to define a branding strategy. What do you want your logo to represent? What is your mission? Are you trying to convey a message? These are the questions you need to ask before getting on with the design. A lot of brands have stories linked to their logo. A few of them have particular theme colors.

Nike on the other hand has the tick mark which aligns with their tagline. Similarly, your brand too should be a reflection of your ideas and values. The rest such as color, design, etc, will fall in place automatically.

Lack of Uniqueness

Your logo needs to stand out if you want to make a mark. Check out your competitor’s brand and understand why their branding is successful. Seek inspiration not in terms of design but terms of the purpose and idea behind it. Your design should be your own. It needs to be unique and when customers look at it they should be able to identify your brand.

Your logo could be as simple as your company name in a specific font, but ask what that particular font is conveying. Gap for example looks classy and formal. In attempts of rebranding when they changed their logo, it looked cheap which cost them a lot.

Disconnected From Target Audience

Your target audience plays a big part in your branding decision. For example say your logo signifies timelessness, class, and luxury, but your target audience is teenagers and GenZ who follow trends and are quirky in their choices. Hence, you need to understand your buyer personas and draw parallels with their ideas so that you can imbibe them in your branding.

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Misleading Your Audience

Just because you want your brand to shine and your logo to look a certain way, does not mean you mislead your audience.

Your logo is the first thing any customer will notice and it will set the tone for your brand instantly.

For example, when you look at Apple’s logo, it looks modern and luxurious, which is exactly what the brand is trying to make its customers perceive it as. Hence, your logo should match the expectations you set for your people.


Although the option of rebranding is always there in case you are skeptical about your strategy and need to test the waters, keep in mind that it requires a lot of resources and effort. This is why you need to make sure that you are doing everything right the first time.

Jeff Campbell