Things to do in Bay City Michigan

A small town in Saginaw Bay on the shores of Lake Huron is a great starting point for sailing, fishing, and exploring the great lake. It is also a popular tourist hotspot with plenty of attractions and things to do.

Just like other northern US towns, Bay City has warm summers and cold freezing and relatively dry winters. The best time to visit Bay City is from June till September, with July and August being the high season.

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Bay City attractions

Many know Bay City as a birthplace of pop diva Madonna. Still, this former lumber and shipbuilding community is now a vibrant vacation attraction, with most visitors coming in summer months to enjoy festivals and outdoor activities.

Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum is one of the popular attractions in the town with a crown jewel in the battleship USS Edison, a 418 feet long destroyer.

Delta College Planetarium is one of the strangest buildings in the area, but it hosts a 360-degree screen for its star show. Above the Planetarium is a rooftop observation point where visitors can gaze at the real stars, although you will get a much better view on a night sailing expedition.

Victorian-style Sage Library from the 19th century is a historic place, and also a very well-equipped dynamic library. You can take a look back in time with City Market, a rebuild landmark farmer’s market that brings fresh products from the area to the city.

Kids will be thrilled with a visit to the Antique Toy and Firehouse museum that has more than 7 0 antique fire trucks and an extensive collection of toys collected in the past 50 years. A special room is dedicated to NASCAR with almost every car model from the popular automotive sport.

For more outdoor attractions, you do not have to move much because the downtowns have Wenonah Park, a place that hosts festivals and concerts during the warmer months.

The park is near the Saginaw River, where many boat docks. It has a large amphitheater and other fun amenities.

Close to the city, you can find Bay City State Park with extensive marsh wetlands that are home to many animals and is especially attractive for its bird population. The landscape includes marsh, woodland, and meadows, but it also has a large beach where visitors flock during the summer. Sometimes the beach is closed for swimming, but luckily there is a water park in the area.

Bay City events

With thousands of visitors every summer, Bay City has a rich cultural life. The summer festival includes Wednesday in a park, a series of free concerts in Wenonah Park. In case of rain, the venue moves to the State Theatre.

The same venue hosts Tuesday Movies in the Park with mostly children movies and all-time classic airing.

Bay City River Roar is a traditional powerboat racing event with attractive boats racing in front of the large crowds along the river. River Roar also includes concerts. You can enjoy free live music at Upton Bay City district and Fridays at the Fall in Third Street Waterfall Park.

One of the most attractive events in the Bay City Fireworks Festival that, for over 50 years, hosts incredible displays of firework.

Bay City Seafood

Like many other vacation spots, Bay City has a diverse cuisine offer.

For seafood lovers, the best-recommended places are Baytown Seafood, Bay City Seafood & Steak, The Crab Trap Grill, and Blue Ocean Seafood. There is another excellent dining out options like Tex-Mex place Riverfront Grille or a take at Polish dishes in Krzysiaks’s House restaurant.

Whether you want to relax on the beach, take a hike on numerous lake trails, ride through the town on Sunrise Pedal Trolley, or go sailing on Lake Huron before packing, check status of esta application. Once you get your permit, you will be eligible to visit the United States of America for up to 90 days. You do not have to go right away, because of the window for a visit in two years.

Bottom line

There are some fun activities in Bay City in winter, but most tourists come to this small but vibrant vacation town in the summer months. July and August can get hot, and you can find refreshment in the Lake Huron.

There are guided fishing and sailing tours on the lake. The town has live music almost every day in summer months, and with excellent restaurants and bars offering, Bay City is perfect for a couple of days of your US holiday.

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