I’m Broke and Need Money Fast – 10 Things You Can Do Now to Get Cash

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Do you ever find yourself with too much month at the end of the money? If you are saying to yourself, “I’m broke and need money fast,” then you need to check out these tips and tricks. Whether the problem is an emergency, such as a car repair or overdue bill or you just need a little extra cash for groceries, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve all been there. You need money fast and it’s still a week until payday. We’ve put together 10 ways you can earn money fast and pay off those bills before it’s too late.

1. I’m Broke and Need Money Fast, Why Not Ask a Relative?

Family is great. They’re always there for you when you need them. If you have an emergency, ask a family member to borrow some money until you can pay it back. The loan is interest free and a flexible payment schedule.

Be careful of overusing this method, though as it can end up causing bad blood if you take advantage of their generosity.

2. Sell Items Online

There are several online resources where you can sell your property fast. Whether you post is on Craigslist or eBay, there’s likely a buyer for what you’re selling. It’s always good to be careful when dealing with online people, especially if they ask to meet to exchange the money and item.

If it’s strictly online, it’s best to get the money first before shipping the items. There are a lot of honest people out there, but there are just as many unscrupulous people looking to take advantage of you.

3. Sell Your Property to a Pawn Shop

If you’re looking for fast cash, that’s safer than online, then a pawn shop is perfect. They only take items of value such as jewelry, etc., and they’ll give you a lower amount than you’re expecting.

What makes a pawn shop good is if you pay the money back within a set period you can get your property back. They’ll give you money right there when you come in, so that’s guaranteed quick cash.

4. Apply for a Bank Loan

If you need larger amounts of money fast, then you can try for a personal loan from a bank. They’ll require some sort of collateral and you’ll have a payment schedule, but you get the money when you’re approved.

It may take a few days to get approved because they must run credit checks, etc., but it’s one of the most common methods of getting emergency money fast.

5. Try for a Payday Loan

Didn’t get approved for a bank loan or don’t need a large sum of money? A payday loan gives you anywhere between $100 to $1,000 depending on your income. It’s a short-term financial solution because it needs to be paid back usually within two weeks to 30 days.

The interest rate is high, but they don’t run a credit check generally, so it’s easier to get approved. You’ll pay more than a standard loan, but you walk out with the money that day usually.

6. Have you Thought of a Car Title Loan?

Do you own your car? If yes, then you can try qualifying for a car title loan. You visit the business and they give you money and temporary take hold of the car title. The amount you can receive usually depends on the value of your car.

You can get a few hundred or a few thousand, depending on how nice your car is. The loans need to be paid back within a month or so. It’s a great way to get money fast, but make sure you pay the loan off.

If you default, then they can legally take your car.

7. Sell Your Skills Freelance

We live in a gig economy. People pay freelancers for everything from computer programming to writing. If you have a skill set that marketable, then try making extra money by applying to freelance jobs.

There are many job sites out there from Fiverr.com to Craigslist. Depending on how fast you work and the type of freelance work you do, you can make a lot of money fast.

8. Consider Ride-Sharing Services

With businesses like Lyft and Uber, you can become your own taxi service. You use your car and drive people from place to place.

You are notified via an app and get paid by how many people you drive from place to place. If you live in an urban area, then you can likely make a lot of money fast. There’s a lot of competition, so try to get good reviews from riders so people will be more likely to pick you.

9. Take Online Paid Surveys

Did you ever think your opinion could make you money? There are several sites that provide you with opportunities to take paid surveys if you’re within certain demographics. You’re not going to make a ton of money doing this, but if you need a little extra cash until payday, then surveys can fit the need.

You can find many different survey sites online and they usually pay money or gift cards. It only takes a few minutes to take the surveys, so what have you got to lose.

10. Rent a Room in Your House

Do you have a house and a spare room? You can get a roommate to earn extra money every month. They’ll pay you for the room and you just must live with them.

It’s important to meet and get to know the potential roommates before choosing them because you want to get someone that you’re comfortable with. You’ll want to draw up a lease agreement that outlines the payment and what each party is responsible for.

Make Money Today

It’s time to stop saying, “I’m broke and need money fast.” We’ve provided you with 10 ways that can get you back on your feet. If you follow these tips and tricks, then you’ll be flush with cash in no time.

If you want to learn more ways to earn money fast, then explore our site.

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