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Throwing a Dadchelor Party to Remember

‘Dadchelor parties’, also referred to as ‘man showers’ or ‘baby stags’, are a big part of the parental experience in modern times, since today’s dads are keener than ever to celebrate the arrival of a new bundle of joy. As reported by the American Psychological Association, the role of modern-day fathers has changed significantly over the past few decades. Today’s dads are not always traditional ‘family disciplinarians’ or ‘main breadwinners’. This is good news, considering the fact that numerous bodies of researchers show that a father’s affection and family involvement are key when it comes to promoting optimal emotional and social development. If you and your partner are expecting a baby, and you are keen to throw a dadchelor party that is as fun as it is meaningful, the following ideas may inspire you.

Making it Meaningful for Guests

Traditional baby showers put nearly all the focus on the new mom-to-be, with festivities mainly comprising food and the opening of gifts in the presence of gifts. The millennial generation, however, has turned many traditions on their head in the world of marriage, babies, and relationships as a whole. For them, life is more about meaning making than material things. It is also about togetherness; making special moments more about everyone, not just one individual. To ensure your shower is meaningful for your guests, consider writing down one thing you feel your future baby could learn from the men who will be present at your dadchelor party. You can bring this idea more into the digital age by making a short video commemorating each of the friends and family members who influenced the way you raise your children (or the way you would like to, if you and your partner are having your first baby). You can also make a photo montage or short video you can present then send to all your friends after the event.

Playing Baby Shower Games

Add a few baby shower activities into your event to keep your guests active and to ensure they have a big laugh. Have someone record these activities, as many are quite amusing. Top ideas include playing baby Twister. Guests have to place a balloon under their shirt while playing Twister. The dad to be can be the judge, with a special prize going to the person with the funniest position. Additional ideas include telling embarrassing baby stories (ask your friends to prepare a story about themselves, their own baby or one in their family a few days before the party so everyone can join in). You can also try the Diaper Notes game. Ask everyone to write a message on the exterior of one diaper. It could be funny or inspirational. When your baby arrives and starts earring each diaper, take a picture and send it to the person who dedicated the note to you.

Serving Guests Delicious Snacks

Make sure there is a wide array of food and beverage on offer, so your guests feel pampered and truly delight in the fuel you are feeding their bodies. Think about including plant-based dishes that defy traditional ideas of what vegan cuisine is like. It’s a great way to wow guests with something different that is delicious yet new to them. Dishes you may like to try out include crudités with vegan onion dip, vegan pizza, and vegan chicken and bacon sandwiches. Have an array of attractive finger foods, displaying them beautifully over a long table. Ask someone to help with bar duties, so you can dedicate yourself fully to your guests.

Dadchelor parties are a fun way to celebrate the important role that dads play in a child’s life. To make yours special, think of finding ways to thank your guests for their presence in your life and for the way they have inspired you to be a better man. Keep them entertained with games and great food, and make sure someone is capturing all the best moments on camera or film.

Jeff Campbell