How to Find Time to Workout: 5 Practical Tips the Really Work

It is estimated that less than a quarter of adults in the US get the recommended amount of exercise. To a certain extent, it’s easy to see why.

With the time constraints of work, not to mention other daily tasks, it’s hard to find time to workout.

That being said, the situation is far from hopeless. There’s plenty of time in the day leftover for exercise if you just know how to find it.

That’s why we’ve compiled some great tips to help you find time for working out.

1. Work Around the Kids

One of the key reasons that so many of us don’t exercise is because we have to keep track of young children. This struggle may be more relevant now than ever since more than 4 out of every 5 women will have children in their lifetime, the highest the rate has been for some time.

If you have children, you’ve probably noticed by now that they are energetic. This means that you may incorporate them into your exercise.

Perhaps you like to swim. Try bringing the kids along to the pool. They may love it, and have endless fun playing in the water while you swim laps.

If your child is still a baby or toddler, try exercising after you put them down for a nap.

2. Have a Plan

One of the best ways to make sure something gets done is to put it on a schedule. Having a written record of something makes it feel more real, so we’re more obligated to do it.

Now, you’ve not only set aside the time to workout but give yourself the motivation to do it.

It doesn’t matter what kind of exercise you do as long as you do something. Whether your search engine includes ‘pool near me,’ or ‘CrossFit near me,’ the important thing is to commit.

3. Have Fun

It may seem like cheesy advice, but we get more done when we enjoy what we’re doing. Sure, you could go to the gym and force yourself to walk for 30 minutes on the treadmill, but maybe you’d rather play soccer.

Maybe football appeals more to you than lifting weights. Maybe you’d rather play ultimate frisbee than run a mile. As long as you’re being active, it’s all up to you.

In fact, this may be a great time to go after some stuff on that bucket list you have in the back of your head. Learn to ride a horse. Learn fencing or archery. Climb a mountain.

Embark on whatever amazing adventure you want. Your body and mind will thank you.

Finding the Time to Workout in a Hectic World

Finding time to workout can seem like a difficult task, but there are plenty of great tips and tricks out there to help. We’ve mentioned some of our favorites in the paragraphs above, but there are so many things we didn’t have time to cover.

We encourage you to do more exploring on your own if you’re interested.

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