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7 Tips Every Girl Should Know Before Prom

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Every girl should go to Prom at least once in her life, but sometimes it’s hard to know what to expect. Prom can be a wonderful experience, or it can be an incredibly stressful time for you and your friends. Prom is the last “big” event that most girls get to do in high school, so it’s exciting in many ways, but there are also plenty of thoughts that run through every prom-goer’s mind before Prom.

Here are 7 tips every girl should know before Prom:

  1. Don’t pay the total price!

Prom dresses vary significantly in price depending on where you buy them from. Many department stores sell affordable prom gowns, often at 40% off during their spring/summer collections, typically available in March or April.

  1. Prom is not a Junior Prom.

Some girls are under the impression that Prom is their junior prom kind of re-do, but Prom really cannot compare to any other dance you’ve ever gone to before. Proms are often themed and more extravagant than most dances, which means that Prom gowns are usually much fancier! It’s essential to go into Prom with an open mind about what Prom can be for you. Some girls love simple dresses because they’re easier to accessorize, while some prefer something more elaborate like ball gown styles or two pieces (prom dress and skirt).

  1. Just because your BFF/Sibling/Co-worker has worn it doesn’t mean it’ll look good on you.

Prom is your big night, so wearing something that another person has worn before isn’t very Prom-worthy. Prom dresses can be strikingly similar between people who aren’t even related yet!

It’s essential to choose a dress that flatters your body type and features. If you’re looking for suggestions, take a look at the prom dress pictures from the top Prom stores, as those gowns are usually customer favorites. The designers of those dresses have worked hard to ensure that buyers purchase gowns that flatter their bodies and create an overall polished appearance. Don’t just wear any old dress just because someone else has.

  1. Prom makeup needs to be more than just mascara and lip balm…

Yes, Prom makeup should be more sophisticated than your everyday routine, but Prom night is also a night to let loose and not have to worry about an 8 am.

You don’t need to wear Prom makeup if you don’t want to – all that matters are your Prom pictures! Prom nights are one of the few times when everyone will be taking pictures of you all night long, so make it count to having fun with your glam squad or by yourself.

  1. Coronas in paper bags aren’t okay

Prom isn’t the time for cheap beer fountains or “beer pong.” Proms can get expensive quickly, especially when there’s a separate price tag on alcohol at Proms these days, but drinking responsibly is Prom-worthy, so avoid Proms with open bars if you’re a lightweight!

Proms are also not the time to take risks because Prom pictures will last a lifetime. If you’re going to drink, do it responsibly and have a designated driver or call a cab. Prom is your big night, which means that everyone will want pictures of you – don’t let those memories be doused in cheap beer or regretful decisions.

  1. You don’t need an escort

Many Prom dates either ask another friend to go as their date or find someone at Prom itself. Prom can be overwhelming, but it’s fun when you see your Prom date too! Sometimes Prom dates agree ahead of time which they’ll go with (it should be Prom-worthy, of course). A prom is a social event and a celebration, so Prom dates don’t have to be romantic escorts, just lovely Prom-goers.

  1. Prom is more than just a dance

Prom isn’t the only time you’ll get dressed up at your school – it’s an experience and not just one night of going out with your friends. Proms are usually very extravagant, which means there will be tons of photo opportunities for Facebook or Instagram!

You’ll also have a ball gown or tuxedo to wear again on other dressy occasions. Prom is one of those nights that every girl deserves since dresses are typically expensive and prom pictures last a lifetime. Prom is stressful because girls want Prom to be a Prom-worthy event, but Proms are meant to be a memorable experience and one that you can cherish forever if you take Prom seriously.

Jeff Campbell