Tips for Driving Long Distance: How to Stay Comfortable on the Road

Are you planning a long drive? One of the biggest challenges of a long road trip is staying comfortable.

The fact is that Americans drive nearly 14,000 miles per year. American men drive nearly 17,000 miles per year.

These figures average out to less than 1,500 miles per month. Some people are driving further distances in a single trip. Long drives are the only choice for some due to rising airfare costs and fewer public transportation options.

Read on for some practical tips for driving long distance and having an enjoyable trip.

Rest Up

The worst way to start a long road trip is a sleepless evening. You need to be fully rested to handle the road and stay comfortable.

Of course, driving while tired is extremely dangerous. In addition, there is no way you can be comfortable while struggling to keep your eyes open.

Plan for Breaks

It is not safe or recommended to drive long distances without taking a break. Staying stationary for too long leaves you vulnerable to blood clots.

Every few hours, plan to make a pit stop. Get out of your car and walk around. This is an opportune time to use the bathroom and buy a snack for the road.

Comfort Tools and Accessories

There are a number of devices and commercial products to help promote comfort. For starters, use your vehicle’s lumbar support feature to help your back. You certainly will not be comfortable if you are experiencing back pain.

Some drivers use car seat covers to make the drive more comfortable. Others purchase accessories like a neck rest.

Dress Comfortable

Another easy tip is to dress in comfortable clothes and shoes. You do not want to take a long road trip wearing tight jeans or a dress shirt.

Instead, find a comfortable pair of shorts or sweatpants. Wear a loose-fitting shirt that does not make you sweat. Take your shoes off and drive in socks or bare feet.

Avoid Junk Food

On long road trips, there is a strong temptation to munch on junk food. Drivers like to buy candy or chips with the misconception that they keep you awake.

The truth is that junk food provides a temporary boost. Then, it reduces your energy level lower than it was prior to consumption.

A better option is to snack on healthy foods. Snack items like string cheese or celery sticks keep you engaged and aware.

Other good options include nuts, fruit, and rice cakes. Also, keep your vehicle stocked with healthy beverages like water and green tea.

A Recap of Tips for Driving Long Distance

Driving long distances is not easy. However, there are people who drive across the country to national parks or Disney World.

By doing so, they save a lot of money on airfare. However, a long road trip can be tiresome and physically draining. The best way to prepare for long-distance driving is by focusing on comfort.

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