Tips For Planting A Fruit Tree

If you are looking to plant an apple tree then these tips will guide you in doing so. You can get Dwarf rootstocks. They are usually smaller in size so they are ideal for a small garden. Once you order bare-root for the nursery you should soak them in water for some hours before planting them. The recommended amount of time is 24 hours.

If you have not yet prepared the ground for the planting, you can put the plant in damp sawdust to avoid exposing the roots to nature. Get the complete details on Gardner’s Path on how to prepare the ground.

The Planting Process

You will need a gardening tool that can make a hole of 2 feet in diameter.

This will be ideal for watering. Make it as deep as three feet. Get rid of any rocks that may be in the soil and separate the subsoil. The grass and soil beneath it(sod) will be great for the tree if placed with the grass before the topsoil. It should not touch the tree.

If you are planting grafted trees, the point at which the graft is connected to the rootstock should be at least an inch below the soil. For dwarf trees then the scion should be 3 inches above the soil. The topsoil will come in handy when getting rid of any air pockets in the soil. You can gather it around the roots closely. The soil should be in about half of the hole.

This leaves enough space for water.

When you have done this take water and put it in the hole then when the soil is damp push it with your feet or the planting tool. Make sure that you place the drain towards the tree so that it will get enough water. Mulching is great for the provision of nutrients and to ensure the water does not dry too fast.

Do the mulching with leaves and twigs that will be lying around. Avoid using fresh manure for the mulch.

Water the tree adequately and place a stake in the ground a few inches from the tree.

Dwarf rootstocks do not develop very deep roots which means that they need support or the tree will not be able to stand upright. You can hold together the tree and the stake using a tube or any other suitable material. If you do not have container trees then you do not need to prune. If not then prune a bit of it, approximately a third of the branches.

Deer and rodents will chew on the stem of the young tree if you do not protect it. You can place wire mesh around the stem.

Watering The Plant

If you have planted the tree during the drier seasons, you will probably need to water it more.

Provide it with about five to ten gallons each day in the first month after planting. Once the first month has passed, you can water it about three times a week. This should be done for two to three months.

During the fall, the trunk and bark will be susceptible to cracking or scalding from the weather change. You can limit this by painting the bark with latex paint that has been diluted with some water.

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