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Top 5 Bag Types For Men

Whether you’re hiking up a mountain on a camping trip, heading into the city to visit the office, popping to the grocery store to pick up some ingredients for dinner, or heading to the post office to deliver custom mailing bags, every man should have a few bag options to choose from. The most popular types of men’s bags provide a variety of storage options and style has a distinctive look which can be adapted to the occasion and the personal style preferences of the wearer.

To help you update your wardrobe and look more stylish than ever, here are the top 5 bag types for men which you should get your hands on today:

  1. Laptop bag

Never going out of style, the classic computer bag is available in a shoulder, crossbody or tote style design which you can find in a wide variety of materials, such as leather or a waterproof fabric. This type of bag usually has a full zip for easy access as well as various pockets and storage slots for things like chargers, notebooks, and pens.

  1. Cross body bag

Being worn over one shoulder and positioned so it crosses over the chest with the bag resting on your side or on your lower bag, a cross body bag is available in many styles. The most popular design features a fold over flap that is secured at the bottom of the bag with a zip or magnetic closure, being a great option for work or days out since it has plenty of space for things like a laptop, phone, water bottle, and lunch.

  1. Duffel bag

Ooze style by carrying a duffel bag on your shoulder, usually consisting of a relatively large rectangular shaped bag is made of synthetic fabric, natural fabrics or leather. As well as the shoulder strap, they normally also have a pair of handles if you’d rather carry it this way. Duffel bags usually have one large opening in the middle as well as various side pockets and additional compartments to keep your bits and bobs organised. This style of bag is ideal for work, the gym, or even nights away from home.

  1. Backpack

Of course, no wardrobe is complete without a classic backpack! Being one of the most popular men’s bags of all time, the timeless classic is a must have for all groups. There is a design for every lifestyle and a backpack tends to have multiple storage compartments, zipped pockets, a bottle pouch and different fastening options. Backpacks are available in plenty of designs, ranging from leather to fabric so you can find the one that suits your aesthetic.

  1. Fanny pack

Being ideal for those days out where you only need the essentials, a fanny pack is a small pouch that is worn about the waist using a strap that wraps around your waist and buckles on the other side of your body. There are many designs that feature multiple storage pouches, being ideal for scenarios like exercise, festivals, and holidays.



Jeff Campbell