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Top 7 Factors That Can Influence Cost To Ship a Car

Many customers believe shipping services are usually expensive and prefer self-driving vehicles for long hours. However, this assumption is completely false and misleading.

Shipping costs are determined by considering several factors involved in the process. If any factor varies from one customer to another, there will be a slight or huge difference in their shipping costs. Therefore, you might come across customers being charged differently for the same shipping services or methods.

Having said that, if you are aware of the factors that can easily influence shipping costs, you can easily save thousands every time you hire shipping services without compromising your needs and requirements.

Factors that can easily influence the cost of shipping a car from one place to another include:

  1. Distance

One of the main factors that can easily affect the overall shipping cost is the distance between pick-up and drop-off locations. Hence, shipping companies tend to charge extra or a higher auto transport quote for long-distance transportation. Interstate and international shipping services are the most expensive form of transportation. You can consider comparing the shipping rates of different shipping companies to discover an affordable option for your shipping needs.

  1. Type of vehicle

Many customers are not aware, but the type of vehicle can also majorly influence the shipping costs. Heavy duty and big vehicles are shipped in large-size shipping trailers compared to compact-size vehicles. Large-size vehicles occupy more space on trucks compared to small-size vehicles. These types of vehicles don’t leave much room for other vehicles and are generally transported separately. This eventually increases the overall transportation costs.

  1. Condition of your car

Similar to large-size vehicles, the condition of your car can affect your shipping costs. Shipping companies use advanced technology and tools to load and unload non-functional and poor-condition vehicles. Therefore, there are quite a few shipping companies that ship both functional and non-functional vehicles. It is recommended to run a maintenance check of your vehicle before hiring shipping services to detect problems with your vehicle.

  1. Types of shipping services

There are several ways to transport your car from one place to another, based on your budget preferences and urgent needs. Shipping companies allow customers to select the type of shipping services of their choice. For a budget-friendly option, you can consider opting for open car transport. Whereas, if money is not your prime concern you can opt for enclosed car transport services.

  1. Time of the year

Shipping prices fluctuate every season. During college/school reopening and vacation periods, the shipping industry is usually at its peak. You will notice a supple hike in market rates for almost all types of services. To avoid such a situation, you can book your services in advance or wait until the prices drop. Most shipping companies give discounts and exciting offers to customers who opt for advance bookings.

  1. Delivery location

Besides shipping distance, your delivery destination can also affect your shipping costs. If you are planning to move to a city or state where the standard of living is high, you might be charged differently compared to places with a low standard of living. Similarly, areas with poor transport infrastructure or risky road conditions can increase the overall shipping costs.

  1. Additional services

Some shipping companies offer additional services such as after-shipping services, fast shipping, and more at additional prices. These services are generally optional. If you want, you can simply avoid it or enjoy the benefits. Always ask about the price structure for additional services before finalizing the services.

Terminal-to-terminal services, open auto transport, and advance booking can help you save thousands of dollars when hiring a shipping company. Hire services only from reputable and well-known shipping companies for the ultimate shipping experience.


Jeff Campbell