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Top Anniversary Ideas for Special Couples

You and your spouse are looking forward to a special anniversary coming up soon, and you’re wondering what you can do for a very special treat for both of you. You want something unique and fun that will help you and your spouse deepen your bond, but you can’t quite come up with the right idea. Read on for some suggestions to make your anniversary extraordinary

A Cruise

If you’re looking for a spectacular way to spend your anniversary, consider taking a cruise. There are plenty of options here, and you should select one that fits your and your spouse’s interests. If you love fun in the sun, head off to the Caribbean. If you prefer stunning vistas, try Alaska. If you enjoy a blend of natural beauty and historic sites, one of the New England cruises might be just the ticket. Whatever you decide, you and your spouse will enjoy a truly memorable anniversary.

A Weekend at Home

Perhaps neither you nor your spouse are great travelers, and you actually prefer to stay at home. There’s nothing wrong with this. Send the kids to their grandparents’ house, and plan a weekend at home just for the two of you. You might enjoy a special meal of your favorite foods, watch some nostalgic movies, spend time on a shared hobby or simply relax and be together. You need not spend much money, but you can still have a wonderful anniversary.

A Road Trip

Even if a weekend at home sounds pretty good, you might still want to take a little trip to mark this special anniversary. In that case, consider a road trip. You and your spouse might plan your route ahead of time, focusing on some places you’d really like to explore.Do some research, and book hotel rooms ahead of time for a more worry-free trip. On the other hand, though, perhaps you want to be spontaneous and see where the road takes you. Pick a direction, and head out for adventure.

A Re-creation

For this special anniversary, you might choose to re-create a special moment that you and your spouse shared. You might choose your first date, for instance, and take your spouse to the same restaurant or movie theater or wherever you went the first time you dated each other. Alternately, you might re-create the night you became engaged. Take some time to write down all the details you remember. You might not be able to hit every one of them the second time around, but you can certainly approximate. Your spouse will be thrilled, and you’ll both enjoy making new memories.

A Romantic Night Out

A romantic night out might sound cliche, but for some couples, it’s exactly the right anniversary activity. Don’t get stuck in the “dinner and a movie” rut, though. You might enjoy these, but this time try something a little different. A moonlit walk in the park or a picnic by the beach might be good options. If you want to get a little fancier, schedule a romantic boat ride or even a hot air balloon trip. A play or a concert might be other possibilities depending on your interests.

An Adventure

If you and your spouse are both adventurous people, then plan a real adventure for your anniversary. Go skydiving, perhaps, or climb a mountain. Schedule a wilderness adventure weekend, or go whitewater rafting. Be sure to include some downtime with your spouse as well, even if you both enjoy the adrenaline rush.

A Family Gathering

Finally, you might celebrate your special anniversary with a family gathering. Perhaps this means simply gathering your closest family members for an afternoon of visiting and a meal. But you may also decide to have a larger party and invite other relatives and friends. Be sure to start planning early, especially if you want to rent a venue for your gathering. Decide on a guest list, a menu and decorations. You might want to create a display of memories from your wedding, too, that includes photographs, the dress and other items. Then you can gather to celebrate with the people you love the most.

Your anniversaries are all special, but if you want to mark this one in an even greater way, try one of these ideas.

Jeff Campbell