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Top Apps to Improve Your Memory


It gets to a point when you realize that you don’t have two bodies. You are just one body – it’s all you need for a lifetime. You can go to the gym and do other recreational things to keep it in shape. However, your brain isn’t something physical that you can go to the gym for. Taking care of your brain is a different thing. 

You don’t have to go to the gym to use brain training apps to improve your memory. These apps enable you to exercise your brain and improve your cognitive ability. With the number of brain training apps, finding the perfect fit to improve your memory can be a daunting task. To avoid the hassle, we have compiled the top apps to improve your memory. Some of these apps are free, like the free spiny bez depozytu that most casinos offer.


Lumosity is a famous braining app that is available on both iOS and Android platforms. The app calculates your base score through three cognitive games. With this, you can determine where you stand in terms of your memory. While it comes with premium features, the free version allows you to partake in several brain training games every day. In addition, you can also see your personal Lumosity performance index. 

Nevertheless, the premium package offers more than 50 brain training games, tools to track your training performance, and detailed insights about your memory progress. If you have doubts, you can start with the free version before upgrading to the premium version that comes with a monthly subscription. 


Peak is your mobile gym to build your brain muscles. Living up to its name, it intends to help you achieve the Peak. At times, you might lack the motivation to continue your training. The Peak app provides motivational means to keep you glued to your goal of improving your memory.

The daily reminder makes it easier even if you are busy. As with most brain training apps, Peak offers paid subscriptions to access other unique features. However, you can still enjoy the free version, which includes your basic performance and workout data.


The Elevate app allows you to improve your memory skills using over 40+ games to improve self-confidence and productivity. The app focuses on speaking, writing, math, reading, and listening memory retention skills.


If you want a gaming experience to improve your brain memory, Cognito is the answer. It comes with secret spying and agent missions, which test your brain. Despite having a game-like characteristic, it still offers other features such as logic, memory, and word mini-games. Furthermore, you can also track your performance as you move to improve your memory.

Clockwork Brain

The Clockwork Brain app comes with challenging and fun games if you want to keep your brain working throughout the clock. It is designed to test your cognitive skills in five areas, including language, dexterity, attention, reasoning, and memory.


It’s never too late to improve your memory. The best time to start your critical cognitive skill practice is today. You don’t have to hit the gym. Right from the comfort of your home, you can improve your memory. There is no acceptable excuse not to improve your memory. Your phone is at your fingertip to unlock the potential you have today.

Jeff Campbell