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Top 5 Disney Movies of All Time

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Looking for a Disney movie to watch with the family this weekend? Well look no further! From newer movies like Zootopia to old classics like the Lion King, these are our top 5 Disney movies of all time. Whether you grew up watching or singing along to Disney movies on Sunday nights or you’re just diving into their collection now, these movies won’t disappoint.

The Disney movie collection is vast with hundreds of titles to choose from. Many of which have sequels and live action remakes too!  So it was difficult to limit our list to just five or rank them so this list isn’t in any particular order and we chose movies that hold up to the test of time.

All of these great movies can be found on Disney+ as well as commonly found on cable TV services like DISH Network, Spectrum, Verizon, and DishLatino.

  1. Zootopia

Release Date: 2016

Zootopia is a story of how Judy Hopps becomes the very first rabbit to join the Zootopia police force. She quickly finds out how hard it is to work with predators who don’t think she belongs there.

To prove herself as worthy of being a police officer she jumps at an opportunity to get off of meter maid duty to solve a mysterious case. In the process of the case she’s forced to work with a sly fox Nick who at first makes her job harder but by the end of the movie they become best friends.

Zootopia fans were over the moon to when rumors buzzed that there will be a sequel to the franchise coming soon. The actor who played Finnick accidentally leaked that he is doing another Zootopia and that there will be three of them at a fan meet and greet. Disney has not confirmed nor denied that the rumor is true at this time.

  1. Emperor’s New Groove

Release Date: 2000

The Emperor’s New Groove is a story about a self-centered Emperor named Kuzco who is bent on demolishing a whole neighborhood for his pool house.

However, his power-hungry advisor Yzma has been pining for the throne so to dispose of him she tries to poison him but instead turns him into a llama. A peasant named Pacha who lives in the neighborhood Emperor Kuzco wants to tear down is the emperor’s only chance to return to the throne and is also Pacha’s only chance to save his family’s home.

If you liked Emperor’s New Groove, you could watch its sequel, Kronk’s New Groove. You can also find an animated TV series called The Emperor’s New School that aired on the Disney Channel. There are rumors of a third movie in the work but nothing has been confirmed by Disney yet.

  1. Mulan

Release Date: 1998

Mulan is the story of a strong young woman who defies tradition and culture by just being herself. When the imperial army comes into their village, she learns that her father must serve in the war to battle the Huns in northern China.

Her family knows if he goes off to war now at his age and health, he won’t be coming back. So Mulan does the unthinkable and impersonates a man so she can go in his place.

There are three Mulan movies in total. There are two animated movies and one live-action remake that was released just last year. It’s worth noting the live-action version is slightly different from the first Mulan because it more closely follows Chinese folklore.

  1. The Lion King

Release Date: 1994

The Lion King tells the story of how a young lion named Simba runs away from his home Pride Rock after his father passes away. His Uncle Scar makes him believe that his father’s death is his fault so Simba would leave and Scar could take over as king.

While fleeing, Simba passes out from heat exhaustion, thirst, and probably hunger too. Timon and Pumbaa find their new young lion friend, save him from a flock of hungry vultures and raise him as their own. Later Nala finds Simba and convinces him to come back to Pride Rock and take his rightful place as king.

There are four The Lion King movies in the storyline with three of them being animated. The Lion King movies has a fanbase of all age groups and has characters that could snuck in the list of the most famous Disney characters of all time.

The first movie is largely accepted by fans as the best movie of the series, but The Lion King 2 and 1 ½ are still good. There is also a photorealistic computer-generated animation version that has been met with mixed reviews.

  1. Lilo & Stitch

Release Date: 2002

Lilo & Stitch is about a young girl named Lilo and her big sister Nani who is now Lilo’s legal guardian since their parents passed away from a car accident years ago.

Lilo has a hard time adjusting and convinces Nani to go to the dog shelter. While they’re there, they adopt an ugly dog that turns out to actually be an alien disguised as a dog. Stitch isn’t well behaved and is very destructive.

So Lilo teaches Stitch how to be a good dog and care about others so Nani doesn’t give him back. Despite Lilo’s uncooperativeness and Stitch’s bad behavior, Nani does everything she can to keep her family together.

If you enjoy the Lilo & Stitch storyline, keep watching! The franchise has four movies, three TV shows, and a short film. There are also rumors of a Lilo & Stitch live-action remake, but nothing has been confirmed by Disney yet.

Jeff Campbell