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Top Dog Breeds for Families

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A cuddly, warm, fuzzy buddy is what you will want in a pet. Dogs make the best pets because their personalities make them great companions. They will appreciate your company, communicate well and adapt to any environment. They are not fussy and despite their temperament, they tend to be gentle and accommodating.

Getting a dog for your family requires a lot of consideration especially when it comes to children. Not all dogs will get along with children as they might not be patient with kids who may do some pushing and pulling which might annoy the dog. If your family needs a pet there are dog breeds that you should consider.

Top Dog Breeds for Families

There are various dog breeds suitable for families and are great with children. The following are the top dog breeds that you could consider:


The Maltipoo is a small dog that is highly trainable and has a lot of energy.

It is considered a designer dog as it is a hybrid of the Maltese and Poodle breeds and therefore has the qualities of both breeds. It is a great dog for babies and children.  It might appear to be dependent but it is just that it does not like to be lonely.  The Maltipoo is quite affectionate with children that require constant company and attention and it enjoys exercising and games.


Though it is a small dog the pug has a strong personality and likes attention.

It makes a great companion as it is loving and sociable. It tends to be comical and its bark might seem off but it is great with strangers and will entertain them with its grunts and snorts. Despite its small size, it is not ideal for families with small children, as the pug might not tolerate sharing attention with the children.

Grown children are not a big deal because they can help in taking care of the pet. It is a stable dog though and gets along well with people and other animals as well.


They are determined and energetic with distinct personalities.

Though they are stubborn and feisty they tend to be goofy and make good companions.  If you want a breed that will challenge you the Terrier is it.  They are great hunters and adapt to any environment and enjoy exercising. Terriers’ sizes range from fairly small such as the Norfolk and big sizes such as the Airedale Terrier.

You need to be up to the task as far as terriers are concerned because they require constant grooming.


Collies are fond of children.

They are not just affectionate but they also enjoy companionship. They are good with people and are a choice pet for many pet keepers. They do enjoy exercising and are quick learners when it comes to training.

They are large animals that are graceful in appearance and though they may appear timid and not animated, they do not like noise and tension.  They have an air about them that makes them seem aloof and strong.

Bull Dogs

Despite its strong yet small stature appearance, the bulldog has a gentle temperament.

They are gentle animals that love children and they tend to make good companions. The Bull Dog loves attention and people and is great as a pet if you have never owned a dog.

The Bulldog adapts well to small spaces though it is relaxed and sort of a couch potato and doesn’t seem energetic it is not lazy. As long as it gets some exercise and the right diet it will not bother you much.

Pit Bull Terrier

As their name suggests they are tough and strong.

Just like the bulldog its appearance makes it look like a rough terrible dog yet it loves to babysit and is quite calm within. Though it is considered a potentially dangerous dog it is serene and patient when it comes to children.

Despite its great temperament it tends to be rough on other dogs and therefore it requires liability insurance and a license to own it and therefore not usually considered as a pet to adopt.


It is probably the smallest dog breed that exists.

Though its personality cannot be defined and it tends to be restless the Chihuahua is considered, warm, entertaining, quirky, and eccentric. The Chihuahua enjoys companionship and is very loving and most people consider it as a pet because it is cuddly, sociable, and reciprocates love to the person who takes care of it.

Though it does not accept the company of other pets it adapts well to its environment.

The Great Dane

The Great Dane is a gentle dog that loves children and with proper training, it is great for raising children.

These gentle giants are good pets for small children because they are not overbearing, they will walk away when they feel that they are getting annoyed. It is also formidable with other pets and does not show much aggression to other animals.

It is sociable and responds to consistent training methods.

Rhodesian RidgeBack

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a quiet and independent dog that does not adapt to apartments.

Though obedient it can be stubborn and aloof. The Rhodesian Ridgeback is patient with children and walks away when they get tired.

Though they are headstrong, and resilient as a pet they might need limits and should be taught to follow rules. It is a great dog though as it barks when necessary and is territorial.

The Boxer

The Boxer gets along well with children as he is patient and gentle with them.

He tends to enjoy games. Their puppy stage lasts up to 3 years and at 6 years their personality is evident. They are cuddly, sociable, and warm up to strangers. They are amazing dogs with a lot of energy but tend to be stubborn when strict training methods are used.

Though they need a lot of attention and training they adapt well to apartments.

Brussels Griffon

The Brussels Griffon is affectionate.

It has a warm demeanor and is quite comical. It makes a good pet because it reciprocates the affection it gets. Their curiosity and imagination can get them into a lot of trouble and they need to be socialized early and trained as watchdogs, as they have a lot of energy and enthusiasm towards strangers.

The German Shepherd

It is the ideal pet for children.

It is a serene and trainable animal and gets along well with other pets and should be raised with children for it to be comfortable around them. Due to their guard instincts, they are not good with strangers and obedience should be emphasized during training.

They are quite energetic and always want to have something to do. They are great companions as they are not annoying, do not bark a lot, and do not require much attention.

Tips To Consider When Adopting A Dog As A Pet

Some dogs are available for adoption and when deciding to adopt a dog, you should consider a lot of factors like if the dog will adapt to your home and the dog’s personality. You might also not get along with the dog; the dog might not like you.

The following are tips to consider when adopting a dog from a shelter:

  • Find out more about your new pet. What are their temperament and mood like? Are they sociable or do they not like strangers. Their personality will help you know the environment that suits your pet so that you get to make them feel at home.
  • They will need to adjust to your home so they will need their space and time. This will ensure that you get to know your pet better what they like and dislike without imposing on their personality. You get to know their communication pattern and they get to know yours too. Let them get used to your home and this means avoiding stressful situations.
  • If you have another pet ensure that they adjust to each other. Ignoring the other pet could bring a lot of conflict between the two pets instead of them getting along.
  • They need to fit into your family’s schedule. You might need to make some changes with a pet in your home but the idea is for the pet to adapt.
  • If things are not going on well with your new pet do consider getting the help of a professional who will give you advice on what is going on with your pet.

Remember that just because an adopted dog does not fit into your schedule does not make you a bad pet owner.

You might be not what your pet needs and you need to consider giving them up for readopting so that things work out for both you and the pet. With the proper care, a dog will quickly adapt to its environment. Dogs are not demanding pets by getting to know their personality and training them.

They will not be a burden and you will get to enjoy their companionship.

Jeff Campbell