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Top Sportsmen Who Frequent The Casino

For decades, casinos have been a popular pastime. Gambling entails a great deal of danger, which adds to the excitement of the game. Little wonder every Tom, Dick, and Harry wants to play the best payout online casino Canada 2022.

Sports and gambling have a long and illustrious history together. Whether in a physical or online casino, betting has remained a popular way for fans and commentators to participate in the action and get a more personal view of the game.

Because of their competitive nature, many athletes gravitate to casinos as a recreational activity. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that there are a number of well-known athletes who frequent casinos such as These individuals are substantially driven by a tremendous desire to succeed at all costs.

Sports Men That Love the Casino

Let’s see the representatives of which sports frequent the casino. The most compulsive gamblers are professionals in the following sports:

  • football
  • golf
  • basketball
  • box
  • baseball


Cristiano Ronaldo

It’s no surprise that professional footballers share interests with the majority of their loyal pals. A large number of football fans enjoy creating an online casino account in order to make a deposit, claim a bonus, and play their favourite football game. It’s either poker or blackjack. Similarly, Cristiano Ronaldo enjoys playing poker in both physical and online casinos, and according to several claims, he is an expert at this classic casino game. Check also the top 5 winning strategies for online poker.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a name that every football fan has heard of at least once. This 41-year-old Swedish representative excels off the field as well. Zlatan likes to test his talents at the casino from time to time, much like many of his followers who enjoy visiting online casinos to play roulette, slots, or poker. This soccer player is well-versed in poker, online slots, and various games. Zlatan’s admiration for the casino makes him accept an ambassadorship position for a Swedish online gaming company, Bethards.

Gerard Piqué

The celebrity Catalunya-born Spanish and Barcelona defender is also among the players that enjoy having a good time in casinos. Pique has admitted in multiple interviews that he loves casino games and that his favourite is poker. Pique has won quite large sums of money and competed against some of Europe’s top players of chance. He prided himself on “applying his sports techniques to use” to forecast the oppositions’ moves.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney, a British and Manchester United legend. Wayne Rooney is largely recognised as one of the great players of his time. The Derby County Manager holds the England and Manchester United Team goalscoring records. He was notorious for his excessive gambling in the early days of his footballing career, as he openly admitted on multiple occasions that he loved casino games.

Mario Balotelli

Balotelli is a professional footballer from Italy. He now plays in Italy’s Serie B for Monza. Balotelli has played for AC Milan, Liverpool, Inter Milan, and Manchester City, among others. He has also represented Italy at the U21 level and is currently a member of the senior team. He is a striker for the team.

Mario is a casino gambler who freely shares his winnings. He has won 25,000 pounds at a casino in Manchester. Following his great triumph, he was alleged to have given a street urchin a thousand dollars. He is one of the most well-known footballers for his casino gaming. Read also about ‘Cousin Sal’ Iacono on gambling with Jimmy Kimmel, Jon Hamm, David Chang.


Tiger Woods

Eldrick Tiger Woods is a golfer who competes at a professional level. Tiger Woods was born and raised in the state of California in the United States of America. He has numerous golf records and is widely recognized as one of history’s greatest athletes. He’s won the US Open, PGA Championship, Masters Tournament, and a slew of other majors.

Mr Woods nicknamed ‘TheKing of Golf’ is a serious gambler. He enjoys playing Video Poker and Blackjack. When he wants to play these games, he spends thousands of dollars. He’s also completely engrossed in the game.

John Daly

John Daly is a professional golfer from the United States. A wild beast, Long John, and The Lion are some of his nicknames. He’s won 18 times in his professional career. In 1991, he was named PGA Tour Rookie of the Year, and in 2004, he was named PGA Tour Comeback Player of the Year. He’s also a notable winner in the Championships. He has won important competitions in Germany, Scotland, Turkey, and other nations.

Along with his professional sport, John Patrick Daly enjoys gambling. He plays for very big stakes and isn’t always successful. He has lost more than $40 million in his career to casino gaming. He did not divulge the amount of money he had won. Golf is his main source of income, thus gambling is purely recreational for him.


Charles Barkley

Barkley, a retired US basketball player, also known as ‘the Chuckster’ or ‘Sir Charles,’ is considered one of the best forwards in NBA history. Sir Charles played between the years 1984 to 2000 playing for the famous Philadelphia 76ers, Houston Rockets and Phoenix Suns. At the end of the 1993 campaign, he was named the NBA’s MVP.

Charles Barkley is a renowned gambler. He enjoys a wide range of casino games. Always full of passion, even if not always lucky. In one of those “unlucky” moments, Barkley lost almost ten million dollars in less than six hours. He’s also won thousands of dollars.

Michael Jordan

Jordan is a retired professional basketball player from the United States. Michael Jordan, or MJ, as he is affectionately known, is the chairman of the National Basketball Association (NBA). With the Chicago Bulls, he has spent so many seasons and won so many championships. In addition, he is the owner of 23XI Racing.

He is not only a basketball player but also a poker player. Poker is an online version of a video casino game. MJ devotes a significant amount of time to this game; it is already routine for him. He admitted to playing poker with a few buddies a few hours before a big championship match; he admits to having a poker addiction.


Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather did not earn his moniker “Floyd Money Weather” only by being boisterous in the ring. He’s a prominent casino player who is infamous for placing large bets. Floyd is also known for tweeting images of his betting slips, showing wagers going into the hundreds of thousands of US dollars.


Alex Rodriguez

He was a contentious figure in Major League Baseball, and he was also known for his gambling. He was renowned for taking sports bets and participating in high-stakes poker games, which nearly resulted in his MLB suspension.


The excitement that comes with playing in the casino is something these sportsmen can’t get anywhere other than the casino itself. Those who can’t visit physical locations take advantage of the best payout online casino.

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