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Top 10 MovieBox Alternatives For Watching Online Movies in Canada

MovieBox is an online video streaming service that hosts an immense collection of films and TV shows for free. However, you can’t access it in Canada due to copyright infringements.

It’s always recommended to use premium streaming services to watch your favorite content online. Video-on-demand streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime offer amazing content. However, despite being premium services, the content libraries of these platforms are geo-restricted due to licensing agreements.

For example, Amazon Prime offers several latest hit shows and films exclusively in America.  To overcome these geo-blocks you need a VPN app to unblock US Amazon Prime in Canada. Considering all the aspects, let’s find out what are the top 10 MovieBox alternatives for watching online movies in Canada.


Netflix is arguably the best streaming platform in the world. Unlike its competitors, TV series on Netflix come with an entire season, not just a few episodes. Hulu, for instance, normally has only the most recent episodes available.

Netflix has gradually developed into a top platform for watching anime online. With older series, notably Little Witch Academy and Robotech, it excels in this area. Netflix also made a significant impact on anime production, revitalizing classic shows She-Ra and creating originals such as Castlevania.                        BTW, if you are looking for recommendations, check out these new movies you might like.


Hulu is among the most widely used movie and TV streaming services in the USA. However, it’s a geo-restricted service and you will need a VPN to access it in Canada.

With a large selection of family-friendly series from networks like Fox, ABC, and NBC, it serves everything right. Moreover, the burgeoning collection of its own highly lauded original show, Hulu is another great option to watch movies.

There were roughly 140 originals available on Hulu, which isn’t as many as Amazon Prime or Netflix. The Great, Modern Love, Normal People, PEN15, and the impending adaptation of Wheel of Time are among the internationally acclaimed series that are available.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video hosts a sea of films and TV shows. It offers 26,000+ films and over 2,700 TV series that make it one of the largest streaming services in the world in terms of titles. Every year, Amazon also produces original documentaries, for instance, Gimme Danger, Time, and One Child Nation.

Amazon users have the option to extend their package to include sports-specific channels like NBA League Pass, and PGA Tour Live. All of these channels naturally raise the price of your membership significantly.


Cinema Box is the greatest cinema software for all media enthusiasts because it enables you to download movies in HD. It offers more than 10,000 titles that you can watch without paying or registering an account. Web series, TV shows, and other entertainment content is also available on Cinebox, which you can download for offline viewing.


Stremio works well as a content organizer and video player. However, those who wish to watch  TV series and movies for free find it most appealing. You may use Stremio as an alternative to watching YouTube channels.

The Stremio app is easy to use. Although you may access content from various sources, the Stremio app is where you can browse it all. Any channel you have subscribed to has original content shown on the home page. The finest TV shows and movies are also displayed on the home website, along with the top TV series and movies according to ratings.


Vudu is a more fundamental streaming site when compared to well-known competitors like Netflix. As a free platform, Vudu requires that you watch commercials in order to stream content. With over 10,000 free movies and TV episodes, Vudu has a respectably sizable library, however, the majority of its content is older or practically unheard-of low-budget releases. Nonetheless, Vudu is an option for those who want to test out a free streaming service.


Free streaming platform Crackle, provides on-demand access to movies and TV shows. A collection of exclusive content just for the service is also available. It is unpaid in Australia and the United States.

You may watch content on Crackle without creating a free account. But if you create an account, you can record your progress on TV series and movies and mark them as favorites. The registration procedure is quite easy to understand.


Popcorn is another wonderful free streaming app. It offers thousands of movies and TV shows without any cost. It doesn’t require a subscription but you will get advertisements. These ads appear when the movie begins and also appear repeatedly throughout the movie.


With the Freedive collection on IMDb, you can watch free TV shows and movies online. Although the content is only offered in the USA, a VPN will be needed to access it in Canada. There are several different ways to log in, in addition to using your IMDb or Google accounts.

After you log in, besides full-length movies, IMDb also offers tailored suggestions for Freedive media and updates for upcoming movies. Since Amazon owns the service, you can also expect certain movies on Prime Video.


Cyberflix is a reputable and trustworthy app with an incredibly large number of URLs for TV series and movies. It is without any advertisements and absolutely no buffering. It was nearly joyful. We say nearly because of the illegal content on Cyberflix.

With various filtering options, new movie IMDB links, and movie trailers, you can thoroughly decide before you press play. Given the illegal material, we nevertheless advise trying this software for its accessibility and practicality.


Depending on what type of content you like, you may opt for one of these MovieBox alternatives. You can easily access them in Canada without worrying about breaching copyright laws as these services officially release content from different production houses and their own Original content.


Jeff Campbell