You’re a Great If You Have These Traits

A seafaring career is a viable choice for individuals who aren’t scared of the open sea and can go for long periods with not much human interaction. Life at the sea can get lonely for some, but seafarers are strong enough to resist bouts of loneliness.

Aspiring candidates can go to a marine crew management service provider or agency and try their luck. With that, here are some qualities of a good seaman:

Physical Traits

A seafarer must be physically fit to withstand different obstacles associated with the job. 

Working on a ship is not easy and they must have the stamina to endure different conditions. The ship is a huge vessel that working there means using a lot of stairs, being in uncomfortable temperatures, being seasick at times, etc.

A seafarer must be prepared for these things.

Aside from that, a seafarer must be quick when there are emergencies. Their bodies must be well-adept with movements and physical pain because they’ll experience a lot of that at sea. There are instances when they have to carry heavy pieces of equipment.

Being seafarers mean that they must carry on with the job even if it’s hard.

Ideally, they must be in good health. Companies don’t like to hire a crew that has health conditions, especially if it will restrict the crew to perform an outstanding job. Many companies require intense training for their crew before boarding a ship.

Mental and Emotional Traits

Seafarers experience a lot of stress. They’re far away from their families and friends.

They must have a mentally sound attitude to combat loneliness and stress. Seafarers must also have good adapting skills. They’ll meet different nationalities when they’re aboard a ship.

This skill will help them in dealing with new people they meet. Their tolerance for others will also help them adjust to other personalities and nationalities. This will help them become part of a group with different cultures.

A good seafarer must also possess leadership skills but must be a good team player first. Superiors evaluate their members without them knowing. Being a good team player shows that the seafarers know how to cooperate and listen to other voices in the group.

These traits coupled with exceptional leadership qualities will put a seafarer to the top someday.

Other Traits

Seafarers must be bold and truly want the job to show that they’re willing to go the extra mile to succeed in the field.

They must also be loyal. Loyalty is a great thing being at sea. Even when they’re aspiring to obtain higher rankings, they should be loyal to their commanding officers and wait for their right times.

Lastly, they must be able to sacrifice so they can give their family a better life.

Being a seafarer is not for the faint-hearted but its rewards are amazing. They have to sacrifice birthdays, graduations, births, deaths, and many occasions in their family and friends’ lives. They need to hold on to the “someday” wherein they can come home for good and be with their loved ones.

Becoming a seafarer has its ups and downs. A seafarer needs to be strong to last in the job.

It won’t be easy but having friends and mentors in the job can help. What’s important is the realization of a dream and that the sacrifices made become ways to make the lives of their loved ones better.

Jeff Campbell

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