Translucent Glass: The Ideal Glass for Sliding Doors & Separators

Nowadays, people often prefer glass finish for their windows, sliding doors, and separators, etc., rather than other materials. The use of fiber sliding doors and separators is almost outdated now. Glass provides a classy finish to offices and even homes as compared to the other materials.

The only drawback of glass is the privacy issue, i.e., things happening inside the rooms or cabins are visible from the outside too. Though, there is a solution available for this flaw too. The use of translucent glass could keep away this shortcoming too.

This is the reason why translucent glasses are often referred to as ideal glass material to be used in sliding doors and separators.

Why is translucent glass ideal for sliding doors & Separators?

As mentioned above, translucent glass takes care of privacy in the offices as well as homes; there are other reasons, too which makes it completely eligible to be stated as ideal.

Given below is the detailed explanation which provides better justification for this statement:

  • Looking at the increasing global warming, maybe this is the right time to rethink on the appliance that we use in day to day life and save as much energy as we can. We must always think of installing structures in our homes and office spaces so that we can save energy. Opting for translucent glass for the sliding doors or separator could be really good. This is because these glasses allow more natural light to get in the room, i.e., you do not have to put lights at least during the day. Though these glasses do not allow see-through it but it still allows the light to pass through it.
  • If you run a business and own an office with employees working with you, then it is your responsibility to secure the privacy of each employee so that they can stay focused on their work and be more productive. Partitioning each employee’s cabin with frosted glass texture could assure them comfort and relaxing space to work. Also, if you wish to offer the highest level of privacy, then you can consider putting double films of these translucent glasses.
  • Also, partitioning of offices or commercial cabins with translucent glass adds more style and elegance to it. The drywall partitions could look a bit dull, and they are outdated too. Also, adopting modern designs for your office, such as translucent glass partitions, could help you to get more clients or customers too. This is because most of us nowadays prefer taking professional help from the most advanced places. The office spaces with translucent glass could add a modernized touch to your office, where people would love to visit.
  • Durability is something that is the most important feature of translucent glass. The material used to make such glasses is thick and reliable. These translucent glasses are made up of tempered glass which is tough to resist any kind of harsh external conditions in the office. These tempered glasses show resistance to abrasions too, which is basically the most common cause of damaging the partition in the offices. If you wish to balance style as well as durability both, then it would be better if you go for tempered or acrylic glass material for the office partitions, sliding doors, separators, etc.

Complete translucent glass vs. partially translucent glass: Use in offices

If you incorporate translucent or frosted glass sliding for your office partitioned cabins, then you are probably adding the finest touch to your office interior.

The translucent glass could make your office premise look rich, and I also offer comfort as well as privacy to your employees.

Also, there are types available in translucent glass, i.e., you can either opt for complete translucent glass or for partial one. The complete glass will cover the cabins entirely, from ceiling to the floor whereas the partial ones do not run entirely.

The partial design would cover from head to knees rather than covering fully.

The partial designs have an advantage over the complete one that allows you to see what is happening outside the cabin too. This is the reason why this design is trending in commercial spaces nowadays.

Frameless Translucent glass sliding door vs. framed Translucent glass sliding doors: Cost and benefit analysis

The translucent glass sliding doors are again distinguished on the basis of the frame they possess at its ends or borders.

The frameless glass sliding doors consist of the least aluminum frame, which is not even visible and gives the sliding door an elegant finish. These frameless glass panels are the thinnest and are used widely for home improvement projects.

These thin, frameless glass sliding doors are available in a number of designs in the market. The glass is also toughened and provides better protection against the outside extreme weather or other factors.

The cost of such a sliding door depends upon the type of glass used, the location where it has to be installed, and the sizes of the glass and so on.

It would be better if you take a proper quotation from a reputed manufacturer or supplier for installing such translucent glass sliding in your offices or homes.

Wandering around random dealers could cost you more. Hiring a professional company could make you save more money as you can negotiate on the rates they provide once you get the quotation.

Going for translucent glass sliding instead of proper wall partitions could benefit you in a number of ways. It imparts an elegant look at your premises and, most importantly, offers privacy. Along with making your office or home look attractive, it also offers great resistance to breakage.

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