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With millions of podcast episodes available out there, it could be tough to select the most exceptional content that is both entertaining and inspirational. You may come across over a hundred podcasts on true crime, business, marketing, sports including other subjects, with new ones being launched every day.

You’ll overwhelm yourself if you’ll start listening to tens of podcasts in a go. Just choose the topics that you find essential for yourself. In this article, you’ll learn about the best podcasts such as rich roll podcasts, H3 podcast and others related to mindfulness, self-improvement, business, e-commerce, education, and technology.

H3 podcast

This is an excellent podcast for those who love watching reaction videos and like to explore the life narratives of other YouTubers.

The brainchild of Hila Klein and Ethan Edward Klein H3 podcast is also planning to bring the popular music and TV personalities on the platform. This podcast features a perfect blend of inspirational life stories, entertainment and everything you can ever imagine in a podcast.

So far distinguished guests including Jordan Peterson, PewDiePie, Tim Heidecker, Andrew Yang, Dr DisRespect, Justin Roiland, Jack Black, Philip DeFranco, Tom Segura, and others have graced this podcast with their presence.

Rich Roll Podcast

Rich Roll Podcast brings the interviews of the world’s most prominent personalities on the table.

The bestselling author and ultra-athlete Rich Roll talk about the things related to wellness, health, general fitness, endurance, yoga, cooking, sustainable lifestyle, meditation, and other similar topics.

You’ll find some of the brightest minds sharing their experiences and tips to become the best version of yourself. With over 70 million downloads, Rich Roll is inspiring people to achieve their best.

From the most eminent athletes (like Alex Honnold) to globally famous spiritual leaders (such as Yogi Guru Singh) his guest list is quite diverse.

Last Days of August

Created by Jon Ronson, The Last Days of August unfold the facts and mysteries related to the suicide of August Ames. Just for a little background, the porn star committed suicide after receiving backlashing for one of her tweets.

This podcast is entertaining the H3 podcast.

In the Last Days of August, the creator highlights the challenges and difficulties faced by the people working in the porn industry. Things become too worse for mentally ill and weak people.

By interviewing with Ames family and friends, Ranson digs deeper into the reasons that resulted in her suicide. The Last Days of August are moving and thoughtful like the Rich Roll Podcast.

The Marie Forleo Podcast

With over 8 million downloads, Marie Forleo is a very thoughtful podcast created to build the next-gen leaders. Through this podcast, Forleo aims to help and guide the individuals so that they can become the person they want to be and by making the best use of their gifts.

Though there are no famous personalities here sharing their stories like in the H3 podcast, the Marie Forleo Podcast brings the strategies and actionable insights on the table that can help individuals in improving their lives.

It’s quite similar to Rich Roll Podcast in some way as it has content related to marketing, business, and tips to deal with fears, career advice, etc.

The Tim Ferriss Show

When it comes to the most trending podcasts, we can’t go without mentioning the Tim Ferriss Show.

In this podcast, Ferriss analyzes and deconstructs the habits, tricks, and tactics of the world’s most successful people. It is counted among the most successful podcasts of the world and for a good reason.

You’ll learn about the success stories of the people who have achieved some remarkable achievements in their lives and how you can use these lessons to climb up the ladder of success.

Like the Rich Roll Podcast, the Tim Ferriss Show features interviews of great personalities like Jamie Foxx, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Malcolm Gladwell, Tony Robbins and more.

The Secret History of the Future

If you are looking for a podcast that is next best to the H3 podcast, then you should give a shot to The Secret History of the Future. This podcast explores future possibilities by taking a dig into the past.

With new episodes scheduled to be on-air every Wednesday, you can learn many things by subscribing to it. This podcast will show you the mirror of the upcoming modern world by exploring the secrets of history.

You’ll learn about the similarities of lab-produced meat and potato.

At the same time, you’ll know how unappetizing and strange this vegetable was considered when it was first imported to the place somewhere in the middle of the sixteenth century. The journalists take up one of the stories from history every week and give hints about the future possibilities related to the same.

Overall, it’s quite exciting and fascinating like the rich roll podcast.


With more than 1500 episodes produced already by its creator Andrew Warner, Mixergy podcast is a perfect pick for the ones looking for some proven best self-improvement tips.

This show is ideal for prospective entrepreneurs as it offers them insights into the situations faced by established businessmen while launching their business. Plus, you’ll learn about the habits, tools, and decisions that helped world-class personalities to achieve success.


Moonface is an independent fiction podcast with Joel Kim Booster playing the role of Paul- a gay, Korean-American immigrant man ‘hazy’ adulthood phase.

Moonface is an excellent podcast that explores generation, culture, and language frictions. Additionally, it highlights the underlying emotions of Paul and his relationship with his mother. Esther Moon plays the role of Pauls’ mother.

Though its concept is unique, the story takes sharp turns at some places, so the viewer’s discretion is advised. Still, you’ll find it as useful as the H3 podcast.

Executed with precision, inspired by a vibrant vision, and featuring a sharp view of the producer, the Moonface will take you to a roller coaster ride of emotions and drama. You’ll surely love every bit of it.

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