7 Trendy Men’s Minimalist Wardrobe Ideas To Save You Time and Money

Becoming a minimalist has its perks, you can save a ton of money and time. Here are some ideas for men’s minimalist wardrobe to get you started.

Stunned by a riot of color and style whenever you open your wardrobe?

91% of people say the clothes make the man. But clothes can turn into a timesink as you scrabble to mix and match many clashing styles. Perhaps it’s time to pare things back.

Luckily, minimalism doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the trend.

Here are 7 trendy men’s minimalist wardrobe ideas to save you time and money.

Paring Down the Colors

Colors create wardrobe noise. Every color you add demands new combinations. It escalates until you lose all control over what you’re buying.

By limiting colors, you assert control. Everything matches, so you’ll waste less time getting dressed. You’re less likely to make dubious purchases.

Men’s purple dress pants might add excitement to your wardrobe, but they won’t help you streamline. Trim it back to basics.

Minimalizing Shirts and Pants

Minimalist shirts are blank or have neutral patterns. Selecting your shirts is easier if you start with your pants. Pants are the semi-visible foundation of your outfit, while shirts strike the tone.

Choose shirts to match your pants, and you’ll always have an outfit ready.

Deploying Accessories

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a handful of accessories, carefully deployed, can transform an outfit.

One or two smart belts will dress up a casual pair of pants. A fashionable watch will match almost any trend.

But the latest trend in men’s fashion are fashion pins such as those made by Vivipins. Wearing fashion lapel pins is called adding “flair” to an outfit and it’s been soaring in popularity since 2016.

Neutralizing Shoes

Shoes are the trickiest conundrum in fashion. They define an outfit. But having shoes for every outfit is the opposite of minimalism.

So what to do? The key is to neutralize your shoes.

Neutral colors in flexible, smart-casual style will go with almost any outfit. Brown and black semi-casual shoes offer some of the best options – their color will dress up a smart outfit, while their style will keep it grounded.

Coats for all Occasions

If you live in an area with variable seasons, coats and jackets can pose a challenge. You don’t have much choice but to dress for the weather.

Yet many men make the mistake of thinking of the coat as a utility item. Shake off that misconception. Buy coats that get the job done while looking good.

By striking the right balance, you can get away with three seasonal jackets: a light jacket for summer, a middleweight coat for spring and fall, and a weatherproof coat for when the weather really comes in.

Buying Multiples

We’re saving time and money. It makes sense to buy duplicate items for utility. But that doesn’t mean wearing the same outfit every day.

Buying multiples mean picking up duplicate items of total neutrality, like white t-shirts. You can dress your multiplied items up or down for the occasion, creating variation even in the same style.

Find Your Fit

Minimalist wardrobes err on the side of put-togetherness. Styles in the mid-range between casual and formal can fit almost any dress code.

That’s why fit is important in a minimalist wardrobe. A good fit can kick an outfit up the scale by a whole notch, transforming it from relaxed to smart-casual.

You’re paring back on the wardrobe clutter, so nail your fit when you do your next shop.

Styling with a Men’s Minimalist Wardrobe

There’s nothing dull about a men’s minimalist wardrobe. In fact, a minimalist wardrobe looks mature and competent. It tells other people you’re confident in what you do, and confidence is one of the sexiest things out there.

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Now you’ve saved time and money on your wardrobe, it’s time to look at other ways you can do the same! Find out how on our save money blog.

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