Can You Be A Trucker And A Family Man?

Trucking is a very demanding career, with long hours and often a lot of trips away from home. This can make it a very difficult job if you have children, but it’s not impossible. Many reputable trucking companies allow drivers to take passengers along with them on the road, including children and even pets. But is it safe to take children on the road with you?

Things To Consider

Check your company policy. Some companies will have different regulations for child passengers depending on age, so check before you decide you’d like your child to join you on the road. 

Can they handle it? Not all children will make good travel companions. There’s a lot of technology in trucks now, so it is reasonably easy to provide some entertainment for children while you’re driving, such as giving them something to watch or just playing some classic car games, but your child might still get cabin fever.

Think hard about how they’ll manage being in the truck for hours on end. 

Is there room for two? Most trucks only provide sleeping space for one, and the facilities aren’t always all that comfortable. If you do want to take your child with you, make sure you have somewhere comfortable for them to sleep if they’ll be joining you for an overnight trip. 

Think about the job you’ll be doing.

Not all trips will give you the opportunity to take children along. For example, if you’ll be getting on and off the truck a lot yourself to load and unload, you don’t want to leave a young child alone in the truck, so this might be one where you’d be better to leave them at home.

Perhaps only take them on local routes, not OTR journeys, so you don’t have to worry about somewhere to sleep. You’ll also need to know there’s somewhere family friendly that you can stop on the route for breaks and some food.

What Are The Perks?

One of the main advantages of taking your child along as a passenger is the time you’ll get to spend with them.

Trucking often means a lot of time away from home, and speaking to your children on the phone just isn’t quite the same. Time on the road is a wonderful opportunity to spend uninterrupted time together and to talk and bond. 

Depending on where you’re going, coming with you gives your children the chance to see a different part of the country. Even if you’re not heading somewhere vacation-worthy, they can still learn some history and culture from other parts of the country. 

You might find that the company makes your job more fun too.

Trucking can be lonely, so the company is bound to help. If you’re having a bad day at work, getting to spend time with your kids can improve things greatly. It might even bring a smile to the face of the person you’re delivering too, and help them to remember that you’re a person with a family to support. 

Jeff Campbell

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