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Types of Discounts Offered by Energy Retailers in Australia    

Discounts and offers offered by private energy retailers can help you generate significant savings on your energy bills.

Stats show that a typical Australian household uses up to 19kWh of electricity per day. The consumption rate of your household may be higher or lower based on your usage requirements and the kind of appliances you use. If you wish to find cheap energy providers in Australia, try using an energy comparison website.

It’s vital to understand the actual benefits you will derive from the discounts before you pick a plan purely based on these discounts. There are several reputed and reliable energy suppliers in Australia. All these private suppliers offer discounts, rewards and benefits to customers.

Bundling Discounts

Private energy companies in Australia may also offer internet provider services besides gas and electricity services. The company may give you a substantial discount on the final energy bill if you club two or more of these services by buying them from the same company.

You will also have other benefits like easy bill payment from the same account by bundling multiple services of the same company. However, in some cases, it may be cheaper to get these services from separate companies. Try using an online energy price comparison tool to know approximately how much you will save and how much you will pay.

Sign Up Rewards

Australian energy companies like Origin offer customers up to 5000 sign up reward points for signing up for the company’s plan. You can use these reward points to lower your electricity bill. Signup rewards are only available when you sign up for a specific plan.

Usage Rewards

Rewards like peak usage rewards and rewards for high energy usage can help you save on your energy bill. These rewards are excellent for households that consume a lot of energy daily. The rewards may be allotted based on a slab rate or other similar mechanism.

Saver Plans

Saver plans make cheap energy accessible to customers. These plans come with massive discounts. However, you will have to satisfy specific conditions to be eligible for these discounts. Typically saver energy plans and super saver plans are more costly than other plans from a retail point of view.

However, the pricing of these plans follows a wholesale approach. Check the energy usage limits of the plan and compare it with your usage requirements to determine if it makes sense for you to buy the plan.

Pay-On-Time Discounts

This discount is applied to the usage charges or supply charges. They may only be available for a specific period or on the satisfaction of a specific condition.

Market Discounts

Market discounts are usually flat rate discounts that are applied to your usage or supply charges. They allow you to save a specific percentage of your final energy bill. Companies offer these discounts to attract energy customers.

Other Discounts

If you are a long-term customer, you may be eligible for specific discounts not accessible to new customers.

The discount rates and amounts may also vary based on your location. The same energy company may offer different discount rates in different states. Also, pay attention to other factors like the single rate and the contract type when choosing a plan.

Jeff Campbell