The Different Types Of Oracle Cards & How They Can Help to Take Decisions

Oracle cards have no specific rules, are easy to interpret as they come with a guidebook & contain spiritual guidance, love, self-belief & eternal solace.

Oracle cards are one of the most famous fortune-reading cards that have a unique self-customization feature. You can choose your desired set or deck of cards & can have a precise reading about your past, present & future.

Oracle cards are somewhat similar to tarot cards but have some significant differences. While the tarot cards can be tricky to explain according to your life’s current situation, the oracle cards are quite simple & easy to interpret. These cards are fun to play with too.

But you hold a more profound belief in these cards; these cards can help you understand life better & adjust your actions based on situations.

What Are Oracle Cards?

Oracle cards are unique, unlike the regular tarot ones. The primary purpose of these cards is introspection. Oracle cards have the divine power to better guide your life depending on how you see or use them.

While the tarot has 78 cards in a deck, the oracle cards have no fixed numbers. Oracle cards have many decks & all of those are unique, so, there are many possibilities according to your need & customization.

Unlike the tarot cards which have specific meanings for every card, ideology, wisdom & power, the oracle cards enable a sense of deeper spiritualism in you.

The drawing of tarot cards requires you to follow two basic structures; the Major Arcana & the Minor Arcana. But oracle cards have no such rules & you have the privilege to add any type to your collection according to choice.

As there are no specific rules in oracle cards, the possibilities are endless. The best part is that they come with a guidebook to help you better read the cards.

But to get the most accurate readings of oracle cards you should contact professional psychics. However, be careful in choosing an authentic and reputed psychic.

Oracle Cards vs. Tarot Cards

Although, at first glance, you may think these are all alike. However, oracle cards differ from tarot cards. Oracle cards are chiller cousins of tarot cards & the interpreter has less trouble interpreting them.

Besides, these decks of cards come with a pre-installed guidebook for your assistance.

The tarot cards focus on two major aspects, that are, life in a broader sense & our day-to-day experiences, including focusing on money. The former one falls in Major Arcana, while the latter one symbolizes the Minor Arcana.

The Major Arcana is also famous for the term The Fool’s Journey, which focuses on life. It talks about the different aspects of life & how one should act. The Minor Arcana puts insight into the daily life activities & how we should deal with those.

With oracle cards, you will see different decks ranging from 30 to 80 cards. These cards are nothing like the Arcanas.

Instead, you will find a mixture of the Arcanas in an oracle deck. Again, some oracle cards may contain nothing like the Arcanas.

For instance, the Adinkra Ancestral Guidance Cards is a deck of 44 cards containing Adinkra symbols & philosophies. These cards are indigenous to Ashantis in West Africa. Another oracle deck named the Okana has a deck of 25 cards about the Diloggún Divination system.

These oracle cards prioritize the five elements, namely wind, water, spirit, earth & fire.

Tarot cards have specific meanings & sometimes it can be daunting for you to relate those meanings with your personal life.

How To Use Oracle Cards

Using oracle cards is somewhat like learning a new language. You need to take it slow & understand the basics first. Take your time, observe the cards & learn the decks first. The best option of using the oracle cards is to trust your guts & go with intuition.

While drawing, you can follow various methods. However, it’s vital to know something before pulling a card from the deck. As these oracle cards focus on spirituality more than tarot cards, you need to have faith.

So, whatever religion you preach, ask your guardian angel to show you the path while reading these cards. Put your trust in your religion first & then seek solace.

Before pulling a card, ask your guardian angel questions & believe that oracle cards will guide you to your answers. For starters, you can try “one draw pull” every day before going out. It will guide you to your destination & your desired questions.

Another way of pulling oracle cards is the “three draw method.” Here you will pick three cards from the deck. These three cards symbolize the past, present & future. It will give you some idea about where you are standing in life right now, where you came from & what destiny awaits you.

“The seven draw pull” symbolizes seven days of the week chronologically. As you keep exploring the cards, deep inside your soul, let the spirits talk to you & guide you to what you seek.

However, remember that oracle cards are a branch of tarot cards. So, if you want, you can use both cards at the same time to get a greater insight into life, spiritual guidance, and relieve stress.

Types of Oracle Decks

There are many types of oracle cards. However, the ones mentioned here are the most common type:

1. Archetype

Created by Caroline Myss, these cards focus on the sacred parts of yourself & reminds you how valuable you can be to someone.

2. Literary Witches Oracle

This deck features 70 cards & has items like a lantern, apple, broom, mushroom, wolf, etc. Famous authors like Emily Dickinson, Sylvia Plath, Audre Lorde also share their wisdom here.

3. Sacred Rebel

It is a traditional & spiritual deck prioritizing living a beautiful & unique life where the angels & spirits guide you.

4. Goddess Power

This deck talks about different traditions & in the shadow of the goddess talks about feminine power. However, you can learn to trust your intuition, love, emotions & masculine/famine energy by it.

5. Moonology Oracle Cards

Moon is a popular spiritual tool that gives lunar guidance to you. You learn zodiac signs, manifestation, transformation, etc., through these cards.

6. Spirit Animal Cards

Every animal represents a symbol, a spiritual guide which holds a message of our future, present and past. A spirit animal will protect you in hardships and help you find your inner balance, happiness and truth. With these cards we can ease the transition from day to day, to better understand the circumstances we’re in and what the future has for us, all under the watchful eye of our divine guides.

Final Thoughts

Oracle cards have a written ritual, or a guidebook attached to the deck, meaning that you are accountable for your healing & development. If you can read them accurately it can greatly help in making better decisions in your daily life.

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