The Most Popular Types of Poker Games At Online Casinos

When we speak of poker or playing it at online casinos, we are generally referring to some specific card games. The tradition would have it that this game stems from a beautiful alliance between Western and Persian cultures, through the Western game Primer and the Persian NAS.

However, this card game part of online gambling has evolved a lot over time. Today, it comes in several variations in online casino games.

Here you’ll find some of the variations we have put together for you, along with their rules, to help you master the inner workings and perfect your playing technique to help you win at the online best Qatar casinos.

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The general rules of poker at online casinos

Suppose poker has succeeded in capturing the hearts of many players around the world. In that case, it is obviously because of its accessibility and the importance of its winnings, if you go there to compete.

Online poker is a game that requires the participation of other players, which means you cannot play it alone.

Regardless of which variant you play, the objective of the game remains much the same. Indeed, it consists of winning the chips of other players by having the best combination of cards.

This combination remains the same for all types of poker, i.e. five cards. Tokens represent money, so to win, you must collect all of your opponent’s tokens.

Maybe you have already had to play online poker with your friends or family, and today you want to step up a gear, play with opponents and put money on the line, we bring you these catalog poker variants.

We can’t claim to know them all, but we’ve rounded up the most popular ones here.

Texas Hold’Em

If there is one variation of poker that is known and loved around the world, it is Texas Hold’Em. In fact, it is the derivative of the most played poker in the world and this is not trivial.

In fact, it is very easy to play and to master, which is why it has established its reputation among the online casino players. More than half of casino players, both land and at the top gambling sites in Brazil are followers.

You definitely want to know how it plays out. In fact, it is very simple. First of all, it is played by two players, up to ten, in this table game.

Each player receives two hole cards that are visible only to himself, and open cards, five to be precise, are then revealed on the table in full view of all players, followed by betting rounds.

The object of this online casino game is, therefore to recover all the tokens of the other players, and the winner is the one who has the best combination of five cards, including the two closed and three of the uncovered cards. Easy, right?

Double Hold’Em

The rules of Double Hold’Em are not much different from those of its Texas counterpart. The same principles are used, with the only difference that here the game is played in two lines.

You do not understand? Very simple! In Texas, the croupier or the dealer has only one row of five cards, while in the Double, this one forms rather two.


Beware of Omaha, because it will surprise you. Although it is a variation of poker, it is different from Texas Hold’Em, if you don’t master its rules, you will lose a lot of money at the online casino.

Before anything else, know that each receives four cards, of which only two fit in your winning combination. What does that mean? You will wonder!

Just like in poker, you have to build the best five-card hand here. However, to constitute it, you will use two cards among the four that you receive, plus three open cards.

Of course, the open cards are laid out on this table game after betting rounds. If you have the best combination of cards, then you win the game.

Also note that this variant of poker can be played in Pot Limit, Hi or even Hi-Low …

Royal  Hold’Em

This is a fairly recent variant of Texas. If you are tired of only being dealt with low cards, like in Texas hold’em, then this variation is the game for you.

The Royal is quite special. The game is played with this variant, not with fifty-two cards, but twenty, and the game mode is mainly limited.

Otherwise, the rules are similar to those in Texas, i.e. a combination of five winning cards.

However, the winning cards here are in the range of 10 to the ace. You do not understand? It simply means that all cards under 10 are eliminated or discarded from the deck, and those that are retained go from 10 to ace.

In addition, at the Royal, the number of players cannot exceed six. So, get ready to face your opponents!

The  seven-card stud

Still called the seven-card stud, it was the most popular variation of poker long before the arrival of Texas Hold’Em.

Like what, Texas managed to dethrone stud. However, it is nonetheless a fairly entertaining and popular variant.

Each player receives three cards, of which two are visible to him and one to his opponents. Do you think it’s easy? Now, that gives you more reason to twiddle your thumbs.

Sharing information with your opponents won’t make it easier for you, but it won’t make the game any less exciting.

Here, the player who starts the bet is the one with the lowest visible card, and the principle is always the same, to win the game with the best combination of five cards.

Note, however, that Seven Card Stud is only played in Limit Mode.

The Razz

Razz is also a variation of poker. Like Seven Card Stud, whoever starts betting is the one with the lowest card.

To begin with, each player receives two hole cards and one open card, then three open cards and one hole card.

Razz is not won by having the highest cards; it’s quite the opposite. Indeed, the best winning combination is the one which has five different cards, the weakest possible. You should also know that in Razz, the suites and the colors do not count.

Poker betting systems in online casinos

  • The Pot-Limit bet: You can choose how much to bet, but this bet is limited to the pot’s value. It is used a lot more in Omaha poker.
  • No Limit Bet: We all know it, it’s used for Texas Hold’Em. It is between the last bet requested and the big blind. However, you must be careful not to exceed your stack.
  • The Limit bet: This is the classic poker bet, even historic. At the start of the auction, the stake is low while it is high for the late game rounds.

Poker game modes in online casinos

  • High / Low mode: This is a combination of High and Low modes. This means that the victory goes to the player with the strongest combination and the weakest. The gain is thus shared between the two winners.
  • High mode: Here, the winner is the one who wins the strongest combination. This is the classic game mode, which is used most of the time.
  • Low mode: The winner is the one with the weakest hand of cards.

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