How to plan the Ultimate Romantic Getaway

Choose your destination carefully!

Sometimes there really is no substitution for getting away from it all, just the two of you. Relationships go through many stresses, strains and changes, but planning a romantic escape is a great way to relieve some of the tension of everyday life.

Being in a different city, or even country, helps you to reset and remember what it was that brought you both together in the first place. It must never be forgotten how important little trips like these can be, for solidifying the foundations of your relationship.

Choosing Your Destination

When choosing a destination for your holiday, think of somewhere that has significance for you as a couple.

When we first started dating, my wife and I went on vacation to San Remo in Italy. This was the trip that really solidified our relationship, so when I thought about planning a romantic getaway, I dusted off our old San Remo travel guide and found some of the places that had been so magical all those years ago.

We had particularly enjoyed visiting the flower museum on our first visit, and of course, what’s more romantic than flowers? I immediately put the flower museum into our itinerary and sure enough, my wife loved every second of it. 

Whilst San Remo was a dream destination for us anyway, some people are left with a little less freedom to jet off anywhere in the world.

Perhaps you’re bound to the United States because you can only afford to take a weekend off, or you want it to be a surprise and a passport is out of date? It really doesn’t matter if you choose a town just a couple of hours away, or a secluded island half way around the world.

The important thing is that you’ve taken the time to think about your reasons for choosing a destination and that your partner will understand why that place is special. It could be the town that’s home to the bar where you first met, your hometown growing up, where you rented your first apartment together, or any number of things!

Where to Stay?

It’s amazing the characterful properties you can find on Air BnB

Once you’ve chosen your city of choice, it’s time to narrow things down to exactly where you’d like to stay. Budget and location are two factors that you need to carefully consider here.

Staying a little way out of town and enjoying a nice stroll in will be lovely in summer, but probably quite rainy and horrible in winter.

Weighing up the pros and cons of whether taking taxi trips or spending a little more on a central location is really important. If you blow the budget on an expensive hotel, whilst the initial wow factor will be wonderful, the sudden realization that you have no spending money for the trip will quickly put a dampener on that.

However, if you really scrimp on the hotel, then your partner is bound to notice and will probably be a little disappointed.

A great option that is becoming ever more popular is to book with AirBnB. This company allows locals to rent out all or part of their home, meaning that you get little luxuries like a kitchen, or even a local tour guide when you book through them.

You could be sleeping in a dreamy converted loft, with your host downstairs, or you could have a bijoux apartment for just the two of you. The opportunities are endless and the prices tend to be a lot more reasonable than hotels!

Making an Itinerary

Having a plan for your holiday can be a mood maker or a mood killer, it very much depends on how much detail you go into and how adaptable you are to steering away from the plan.

Listening to your partner is key in this. If you plan a minute-by-minute trip, whilst the attention to detail will be endearing, the actual execution could become a little tiring.

Conversely, if you both jet off on a plane with absolutely no idea of what you might get up to, whilst the freedom could be exhilarating, chances are you’ll be having much less fun as you wander around not knowing where to eat, or where the nearest restroom is!

As I mentioned before, the flower museum was the first place I put on my itinerary. The sentimental reasoning was first and foremost, however I also knew that this was a place that we could visit at any time of day and I also planned to stay in a hotel nearby.

This meant that although I’d planned a visit, I could be totally flexible with timing, both showing that I care whilst also giving my wife the opportunity to explore some places that she wanted to as well.

Museums, gardens and galleries are always good choices for daytime activities as there’s scope to work in some aspects of the trip that your partner would like to see too.

For evening activities, try to find a candlelit restaurant, or a cool bar that you’ve never been to before. That way you can both experience something new and exciting for the first time together.

Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a husband, father, martial artist, budget-master, Disney-addict, musician, and recovering foodie having spent over 2 decades as a leader for Whole Foods Market. Click to learn more about me

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