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5 Unique Playtime Ideas To Try With Your Baby

Having a baby is a life-changing experience for parents. You live your childhood again and grow up with the little one. Your day revolves around the baby, and every moment is worthwhile. You need to take care of little things, from feeding to changing nappies and bedtime. Apart from these essential activities, playtime is the opportunity to bond with your bundle of joy. Think age-appropriate yet outside the box when it comes to playing with the little one. It is not only about engaging and entertaining them but also about connecting at a deeper level. Here are some unique playtime ideas you can try with your baby.

Connect with touch

Physical contact is the best way to connect with your newborn. It brings you closer and passes on your warmth to them. Put the baby on your chest and talk or sing in a soothing voice. You will feel them responding and enjoying the tummy time experience as you do it often. Start early, and continue as the baby grows up, making it a daily activity for your bonding time.

Read aloud

Reading is the favorite pastime for most kids and parents, and it makes sense to start early. A newborn will not ask you to narrate a fairy tale of their choice, but they like to hear your voice. Reading promotes brain development, increases focus, and enhances vocabulary over time. If you start it right from infancy, your child is more likely to start speaking and comprehending at an early age.

Indulge in activities

Another playtime idea worth trying is fun activities. While the idea seems to work for a toddler, you can explore a broad range of options in baby activities toys as well. These toys encourage movement, improve hand-eye coordination, and speed up mental development. Not to mention, the little one has a good time with you, and the activity can be equally fun for adults.

Fun with laundry

You can get creative with playtime and think beyond toys as well. Fun with laundry is an excellent game for little ones. The best thing about this activity is that you can wind up a chore while spending quality time with your baby. The colors of clothes attract a newborn, while a toddler can actually explore the art of folding with you. Try it with small towels first, and you can teach them to use their hands and fingers deftly with a little practice.

Take a break

Baby playtime is fun and exciting but it can tire you out. The little one will also need a break eventually, so let them go solo and relax. You need not be on for the kid throughout their waking hours. It is a good idea to enjoy your downtime and let them have their time alone. As long as the little one is in a safe space, you can let them do their own thing with the toys of their choice.

Baby playtime deserves to be special for you and your bundle of joy. Try these fun activities and experiment with more. Look for their favorites, but keep exploring!


Jeff Campbell