5 Unique Chic Wall Lamps

Luxury wall lamps are perhaps one of the most diverse genres of lighting out there. There are so many different types and styles, and many of them push the boundaries of what you would expect a wall light to look like. A wall light is also commonly referred to as a sconce. This is defined as a light fixture that latches onto the wall for support.

Wall lights, and particularly outdoor wall lights, have been used for centuries. They can effectively light up stairways and passageways for safe transport at night. They can keep an outdoor area lit and functional, even after the sun has set. Here are a few examples of incredibly unique luxury wall lights. They can be an excellent highlight piece for your home, and add a great deal of character.

Robers / Outdoor Wall Lamp / WL 3478

The Robers’s outdoor wall lamp is purposely created to mimic a medieval-style lamp, a relic of past times. It almost looks like a torch in its appearance, as if it can be taken off the wall and transported. It is constructed from both metal and glass, and the inside of the glass is amber frosted. It comes in 12 different finishes, including brass antique, iron-rusty, and old-bronze, so finding a finish that purposely matches your home won’t be a problem.

Vibia / Outdoor Wall LED Lamp / Origami 4506

This wall lamp model combines multiple elements that make it even more dynamic. It uses modernist elements and geographic shapes, while simultaneously capturing an origami-like feel. It can be used in both outdoor and indoor settings and is built for efficient energy consumption.

Fine Art Lamps / Sconce / 898681ST

This lamp manages to combine traditional and modern features. It is elegant in its appearance and is made from hand-rubbed iron and cast glass. It is designed with geometry in mind and features multiple rectangular shapes, which help set up the middle area which holds the actual light. This type of lamp defies the expectations of a traditional sconce and rethinks the way it should look with both aesthetic and simplicity in mind.

Moretti Luce / Wall Lamp / 200.09

This lamp is a bit of an odd one. It almost looks like something that would be on the exterior of a submarine. There are four different finish options, which are all brass based but treated in different ways. This wall lamp, although not too large, is quite powerful and can be utilized on a front porch or within a dark passageway.

Fine Art Lamps / Wall Mount / 612281ST

This lamp looks like it was ripped right out of a Byzantine cathedral. The design includes a dramatic dark wrought iron, and it features beloved and leaded glass panels. The style of it undoubtedly encapsulates both romanticism and the Byzantine era, as the drama of its appearance is apparent.


These are just a few examples of the most unique wall lights out there. They utilize both modern and historical elements to construct a narrative and illuminate a space simultaneously.

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