​8 Best Video Games to Play with Your Son as a Father

Kids are cleverer than they used to be back in the day. When you had your kid’s age, you used to play ball outside. There was not so much technology and TV shows were quite limited. These days, kids know how to use tablets at three or four years old. All in all, instead of letting them go crazy on games unsupervised, here are some of the best video games to play with your son as a father.

Untitled Goose Game

Once you get the story behind the game, you will imagine it is a bad example for your kids. It will teach them a lesson or two, but you also need to make them understand the game idea is not acceptable – they may still try it with you though. All in all, the game is harmless and implies stealing and hiding things for the victim to find them. At some point, you may also end up without your glasses or phone – just a game.

Splatoon 2

Most parents would keep their kids away from shooters – even when it comes to boys. Splatoon 2 is different and can be totally enjoyed with your little one. It is cool and features great graphics, but it also comes with fun characters. This is not the type of game featuring abuse and blood, so you can still keep your son away from modern shooters for a while.

Rocket League

Rocket League brings together two great sports. First, you have cars racing around. They tend to fly, but you get the point. Second, you have soccer – car soccer. The high velocity ball makes the game super challenging. Of course, teamwork is essential to actually succeed in the game. Chances are you will end up playing this game even after your kid is done with it.


If your son seems to follow the same gaming adventure as you when you were that age, Pokemon is the ultimate adventure. While old school, you can still download ROM games over the Internet, regardless of the year they come from. Even if you are not into Pokemon, being able to smash it with your little one will give you a great experience.

Super Mario Odyssey

There are more Mario games that can make a good choice for children, but they are often playable in a single player mode. However, Mario Odyssey changes everything. Small kids will have to run around and collect moons. They can watch you do it first and they can do it themselves later on as they get used to the controller. The assist mode makes it even easier for kids.


This is one of the best video games to play with your son as a father and allows people to think and bond. You have a few different options in terms of play – you can get the creative mode and bring in the TNT, but you can also take the game to another level and introduce some zombies later on. Minecraft is quite complex now and you can play it at whatever level your kid is comfortable with. It is also available on more platforms.

Rayman Legends

This is another masterpiece that kids of different ages will appreciate. It stimulates their inventive nature and it can bring in some great laughs. Plus, it allows multiplayer modes, so you can enjoy it with your son. At times, it could be a bit difficult, but it has a good difficulty curve. Plus, you are always there to try and support your kid during difficult levels.


TowerFall is one of the ultimate family games. You can play it with your son, your daughter or your partner and kids altogether. Simply gather everyone around and get ready for a complex and fun adventure. There are more playable characters and while the game seems simple, it is actually quite deep and can even challenge adults at times.


Bottom line, these are some of the most exciting and best video games to play with your son as a father.

Of course, different games cater to different kids, mostly because of their age and preferences. But then, it is almost impossible to fail in finding something suitable for your little one in this list.​


Jeff Campbell