What Is Virtual Staging Software And How Does It Work?

If you are in the real estate business, you definitely have an idea of what virtual staging software, like Bella Staging, is. However, if you are new in real estate marketing, then you may need to first understand what virtual staging is. This is before getting into the software bit. Simply put, it is making digital additions like furniture, appliances, and décor to an empty house to make it appealing.

For most Pro-versions of staging software, you need skills and investment.

This is in terms of time to learn the virtual craft in staging digital elements. This means that it would take weeks of dedication to learn how to efficiently use the software. Such versions are meant for professionals or people with an interest or some basic skills in graphic design.

However, for DIY staging, there are simpler versions that use web-based applications. However, the outcome is not as precise as Pro-staging software. Those software work in the following ways:

Giving Character to Elements Using Virtual Staging

When showcasing an empty house to potential buyers, the common issue they have is imagining how the interior design should be. Different houses have different styles and elements that can only be given character by staging. There are some houses with elements that would go well with vintage furnishing and décor.

Some are better with modern furnishing.

Some house finishes are better paired with rustic interior décor but other designs match a classic furnish. The staging software is used to give character to the house elements by appropriately matching them with furniture and décor.

Unless you are great in interior design or have an interior designer helping you, these are details you would fail to know. As most people would prefer buying a house that already gives them an idea of how to furnish it, staging it would help.

Space Visualization

You can imagine trying to sell an empty house to potential buyers online.

Tricky, isn’t it? It is common to advertise property for sale on online platforms nowadays. Most house hunters do it online. In fact, most potential buyers prefer checking out staged houses as opposed to those that are empty. The reason being, the dimensions of the rooms will not be that clear.

Therefore, figuring out the furniture that would fit in is difficult. Additionally, the plain and dull space without furnishing and décor would even make the house less appealing than it really is. With virtual staging software, you can stage a realistic-looking home set-up in 3D.

This helps to bring out the best qualities of the house and attract buyers.

3D Staging

Virtual staging software can create attractive layouts that will easily sell the house designs.

This is even before the clients see them physically. 3D staging requires good command of 3D graphic design to produce advanced staging models, images, and animations. Tools with 3D technology are common in the Pro-versions that appeal to professional designers and architects.

With 3D staging, you will need to do the room geometry and explore editing options. This helps to customize your room dimensions into a 3D virtual room. To make it even more life-like, you can use the staging software to add 3D furniture. Then use landscaping elements to give you a realistic image.

Use of Design Tools for Enhancement

There is no way you can do virtual staging before you learn or be proficient in graphic design.

As it is with all staging software, design is the driving force behind it. Whether you are taking a huge leap or taking small steps, learning how to design with any software takes commitment and interest. Any good staging software will include some tricks to add features to improve the room’s appearance and tone.

To achieve this, you need to import a photo of a vacant room to your software. This will enable you to edit out any unwanted elements: old rugs, wall imperfections, and unfinished ceilings. You can change the colors on walls, add lighting and visual effects.

They should match your clients’ preference of how the house should be.

Giving Virtual Tours

You may have specialized in online real estate marketing through web and social media advertising of properties. Your client base could stretch from a regional to a global reach.

This makes it impossible to physically give them physical tours of the properties on sale. With advancements in technology, logistics and distance are no longer issues of concern. Virtual staging software can give you the option of creating virtual tours of your listed properties for your clients to see.

You can easily set up a live video chat session or link a presentation to the image of the house they are interested in. Your clients can get an almost real experience of what it would feel like to walk in the house they have expressed interest in.

Final Thoughts

Clearly, the reason for virtual staging is promoting sales by making houses look more appealing to potential buyers. It is an important step in real estate marketing that can increase sales.

This is if you identify the right software to revamp the look of your property on sale. Moreover, there are several staging software with models and tools. Therefore, you can take advantage and use them to learn how to be a Pro-virtual stager. 

All you have to do is invest your time and commitment to learning, and leave the rest to your creativity!


Jeff Campbell