Water Flooding at Home? Do’s and Don’ts of Dealing with Water Damaged Carpets! 

Natural calamity hit your area? Torrential rains? Water leaked through faulty gutters? Major leakage in your plumbing line? The reasons for your home to get flooded may be many. But the effect of it is pretty devastating! This flooding at home is a grave issue, which just can’t be dealt with by a swipe of fingers. It takes hours, sometimes days to clear the mess and damage created by so much water logging in the house. And your carpet tends to be the biggest victim of this situation. 

This may not sound at all pleasant to you, but a water damaged carpet can lead to numerous negative factors for you. There can be pests and other insects that could start breeding because of the extreme moisture.

There would even be mold formation leading to stinking and ugly spots which can eventually make the situation extremely unbearable at home.

Basically, if you leave your water damaged carpet staying in its same condition for too long, you’ll soon have to face lots of inconveniences, and also bear the cost of changing the carpet entirely!

That’s why calling home carpet cleaners from Absolute Carpet Care, who would clean and dry your carpets efficiently, is a vital step that shouldn’t be forgotten when you have faced water flooding at home. 

What should you “do” when you find water damaged carpets at home?

When you are left stranded with a severely water clogged home or carpet with lots of water on it, you’ll have to act very wisely and with lots of precautions. Read below for the things that you should do in such a situation: 

o   Switch off the electricity — It happens — a sudden flood of water often seizes your power to think wisely, but always do the first thing without fail — switch off the main power button! You can think of other ways to tackle the situation later, but if the main power is off, the risk of electric shocks subsides, and thus you are as far from danger as you can be! If you are not confident, call for an emergency electrician! 

o   Search for the source and deal with it — There may be a water tank bursting or a water tap left open that may have caused the home to flood (unless it is the rain). Be sure to carry a battery-operated torch and find the source of the gushing water, and deal with it first! If it’s natural calamity flooding the place, try keeping blocking boards of something that can prevent the water to come in the house. You can also call for the emergency services to help and stay protected!

o   Remove the flooded water — Once the entrance of water is blocked, you can try removing the water from the floor. Use buckets, mugs, containers to collect the water, and throw it off as fast as you can! For the remaining puddle, try soaking it with towels and get rid of as much excess water as you can!

o   Switch on the fan and open ventilation — Always open the ventilation source (If it won’t cause further flooding) so that the floor can dry up quickly. You can also switch on the fan when the electric power is back to normal. But never switch on the air conditioner, as it would increase humidity in the house and further create moisture on the floor. 

o   Call for professional help — When the situation seems a little bit under control and the water has finally stopped coming into the house, you should call for professional help to deal with the water damage on carpet. They’ll professionally clean and dry the carpet through their advanced machinery and experienced expertise. This will ensure that your carpet is clean and dried thoroughly, and there won’t be any kind of mold formation or stinky smell coming from it due to moisture. 

What should you “not” do when facing water flooding in your home?

There are certain things that can be really dangerous in a home flooded with water. Read about those never to do acts when there’s water all around in the house! 

o   Never use the vacuum cleaner in this situation — Your vacuum cleaner is power-operated, and if you use it amidst water, it can cause a spark, get damaged and even cause a shock in the circuit leading to electrical fire! Never use the vacuum and instead try drying water manually using towels etc.! 

o   Never walk on flooded water with power on — If your electrical connections are on, never walk through the flooded surface. This can actually endanger your life because of the current flowing in the water. Don’t take the advice lightly — switch off the power before walking on the wet surface! 

o   Don’t leave the carpet water damaged — If you are too lazy or ignorant about dealing with the carpet in such a situation, and leave it in these damp conditions for long, you’ll have to face lots of problems later. And these problems can even force you to change the flooring in a very short time. Therefore, calling for professional cleaners to dry your damp carpets shouldn’t be delayed at all! 

Water flooded carpets are a serious matter and shouldn’t be ignored or taken lightly. Thus, for the better maintenance of your home, it’s important to dry each part of your home thoroughly — and if possible, with the help of professionals.

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