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Get to Know the Ways in Which Students Can be Prevented from Committing Suicide, in Today’s Article!

Suicide is a very big problem in today’s world as the rates of suicide keep going up instead of coming down. According to the World Health Organization, suicide is the primary cause of death in nearly 800,000 people per year. This means that one person dies due to this reason every 40 seconds. It is a common problem in all sort of age groups, from children and teenagers to elders.

Hence, this includes students too as unfortunately a lot of them give in to their suicidal thoughts.

What Leads to Suicide Among Students?

There are a lot of things that can be the cause of suicide among students in schools and colleges alike. Most of these causes can be pretty complicated since they comprise different components. If you want to understand the causes in details then you should check out the free essay examples suicide. You can find these free essays easily on and understand this problem even more. We are also going to be discussing briefly a few of the reasons which lead to suicide among students.

  1. Mental disorders and mental health problems – Any kind of mental disorders and mental health problems can become a cause of suicide. The most commonly found mental health problems among students are depression and anxiety. Other problems include insomnia, bipolar disorder, etc.
  2. Poor relationships – Poor relationships with friends and family can often turn into suicide problems for numerous students. This is because they might start feeling isolated from everyone and even feel like nobody loves them.
  3. Unable to cope with studies – Students are always under constant pressure when it comes to their education, of having to score well and cope up with their studies. This pressure sometimes becomes too much for them to handle.
  4. The death of a near and dear one – Needless to say, it is always extremely tragic and painful when someone near and dear to you passes away. When the pain caused by this gets unbearable, it can become a reason for suicide.
  5. Family troubles – Family troubles are another reason which leads to suicide among students. Some examples of family troubles are the student’s family members always fighting with each other or if his or her parents are getting a divorce.

How and Who Can Prevent Students from Suicide?

Everyone needs to keep in mind that even something like suicide can be prevented. Try to understand that most of these students actually want to live but sadly, they do not see a way around their problems. Parents, friends, family members, school and even their university should try and help solve the problems the student is facing to prevent suicide.

These are the ways in which one can provide help for students contemplating suicide:-

  • Support from friends and family – It is important for friends and family to not judge a student who is having suicidal thoughts. Instead, they have to be really understanding and supportive so that the student ceases to have such thoughts.
  • Help from school or university teachers and counselors – Sometimes students tend to talk about their problems and suicidal thoughts with a teacher or counselor. They will have to help the student overcome those problems by properly communicating with them.
  • Encouraging a healthy lifestyle – Close ones will have to encourage a suicidal student to lead a healthy lifestyle and not give in to their difficulties.
  • Providing mental health resources – It is very essential to provide mental health resources to students who have suicidal thoughts. Having the access to these resources can be vital in saving a student’s life.
  • Providing a safe environment – Students at risk of suicide should be provided with a safe environment, be it at their home, school or university.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this article on how to protect students from suicide was helpful to you. As we mentioned earlier, suicide rates are increasing day by day. The youth and especially students are more susceptible to this.

The suicide rates might only come down if people help these suicidal students in the ways we have stated above.


Jeff Campbell