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Ways to Prioritize Small Business Technology

In the modern world, consumers are starting to prioritize convenience above almost everything else. Small businesses that are still operating on pre-pandemic models are starting to suffer as a result. Since the global pandemic, many have realized that they want to spend less time running around in chaos and more time enjoying the moments of their lives, and in terms of small business operations, you can optimize in various ways to accommodate this specific customer preference.

Improve Fleet Management

With so much consumerism happening online the need to have current and updated technology to manage your fleet is at an all-time high. Customers expect real time, accurate updates regarding their deliverable goods and services. If you are still working with software that is out-of-date, they will move onto companies that are innovating with the times.

If you are a driver currently and have dreams of becoming an owner operator one day, think about what tech tools you will need to make that a reality. The opportunity to make your own hours is enough to aspire to making this leap and a working knowledge of fleet management is essential for schedule flexibility across the board. The differences between company truck drivers and owners/operators are varied. Learning about these differences and how they both work can help you understand the ways that you need to improve your fleet management today to help you reach your goals.

Create Mobile Friendly Sites

The majority of your customers are going to be using their smartphone to engage with your business’s online presence. You must make sure that both your formal website and any social media accounts you have are mobile friendly. There is nothing more frustrating than inefficiency when it comes to trying to navigate a company’s webpage or social media profile.

On the subject of social media, you must also make sure that you are covering all your bases. Creating and having a business Facebook page is not enough anymore you should be spread across several platforms and have a high priority on creating visibility and engagement through all those channels. If you are not sure that this is something you can tackle on your own then hire out the work. There are plenty ways to take advantage of freelance talent with regard to social media and website design so you can create mobile-friendly sites with upgraded tech without having to pull an employee away from their other various projects.

Get on The Cloud

Transferring all your business data and operations to cloud based software programs is a must-do. Not only is this a huge tech upgrade, but a way to increase employee efficiency as well. Collaboration is such a corporate buzz word these days, but you should understand that in order to achieve truly successful levels of collaboration you must also provide your team with the tools needed to do so.

Cloud software allows for tons of transparency as well. Being able to monitor progress without having to micromanage is no doubt the way of the future. Your managers can spend more time managing instead of checking in on people and your employees can feel confident that they will have a certain level of autonomy throughout their days.

Invest in Accounting Software

Your business finances are obviously critical for the overall health of your business but what is less obvious to some is that antiquated ways of organizing them can be costing you money. By investing in accounting software, you can be sure that there is no human error when it comes to the finances and tracking cash flow. Think about all the different aspects of accounting, expenses, payroll, tax prep, these are just a few examples of things that you are responsible for.

Instead of spending time and energy that you probably don’t have crunching numbers, upgrade your accounting technology to do it all for you. In some cases, you may also want to consider using automation to satisfy some of your accounting needs. Bill paying is a great example. Instead of handling reoccurring bills personally, set up automated payments so that things are just handled on your behalf. In some cases, you can also tie these automated payments into your accounting software directly so that everything is completed simultaneously and efficiently.


Jeff Campbell