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8 Ideas for a (Not Cheap) Wedding on a Budget

One of the things that dampen a couple’s joy when planning a wedding is finance. If you’re such a couple, then you have such dreams and visions that “may” be unfulfilled due to your budget. However, you can have saved cash, without sacrificing your vision, dreams, and goals. This is to say that a prudent, cheap, or budget wedding doesn’t really mean cheap literally.

There are a couple of tricks on how to have a cheap wedding. From the guest lists to getting help, bridal box subscription, discounts, and more, amazing budget wedding ideas never end. And to make planning easier for you, we’ve lined up helpful tips on how to have an inexpensive wedding.

One of the areas where you shouldn’t look to cut costs is your wedding limo for you or your guests. Ensuring that you and your guests travel comfortably and that you are all on time for the important moments on your special day is priceless and specialized ground transportation companies have the experience and know-how to guarantee that it will all happen without a hitch. One less thing to worry about is a huge deal!

  1. Start off with bridal boxes

During wedding planning and the transition from Miss to Mrs, the bridal box subscription is a must-have. It becomes an even more important companion if you’re having a wedding on a small budget. A wedding subscription box, especially the Miss to Mrs.Bridal box saves you tons of cash for luxury.

This service offers nine themed boxes for plans tailored to meet your needs at every wedding stage.

There are monthly, accelerated, quarterly, and extended plans to keep up with you from engagement till honeymoon. Each themed box in these plans contain carefully curated items ranging from tips to inspiration, and planners. You’ll also find beauty and spa essentials, jewelry, custom marches, and more.

The best part is that the boxed goodies are suitable for Mrs&Mrs couples, hence, no woman is left out. The bridal box subscription is a gift you can give yourself or any woman getting married!

  1. Swap wedding party gifts for heartfelt notes

If you can afford to buy wedding gifts on a budget for your attendants, then good for you. However, if you can’t, write them heartfelt notes appreciating them for their presence and help.

The truth is that getting your wedding party some gifts is a good move.

But it’s really not mandatory or necessary. More so, they may not even use these gifts, dumping them somewhere or giving them out. So, why not give them a handwritten note of cute words, signed off by you? They’ll appreciate and keep your notes for much longer. Words are effective transports through one’s emotions.

  1. Choose an outdoor venue for your reception

Hiring an indoor wedding venue will take a huge chunk of your budget after feeding. You’ll need to pay for a lot of things from decor to music, food, chairs, and much more.

Your freedom to cut down costs will be largely restricted because these venues have rules. So, a wiser decision is to for affordable wedding venues that are outdoors. Look out for fields, parks, playgrounds, or auditoriums. If your home has a large backyard, that can also work for your reception.

Choosing the outdoors mean ample space, minimal decor, and more money saved. However, you need to prepare for the weather and elements by getting tents, repellents, fans, umbrellas, etc.

  1. Shrink the guest list

One of the effective ways to plan a cheap wedding is by shrinking the guest list.

Food is calculated per guest head while venue by the number of guests. This should tell you that the more guests you invite, the more you spend on food and venue size. For this reason, shrink the guest list to contain the most relevant people by at least 20%. If you’re having a hard time choosing, consider some parameters.

Pick your guests by the most frequently called or talked with and people you can’t bear to wed without. This will make your decision easier.

  1. Get discounts for vendor ads

Vendors love free advertisements because it’s a faster way to get more clients. Ask your vendors to give you discounts for placing an ad at your wedding. If they accept, ask them to make postcard fliers, which you’ll place at the guest tables. Vendors are more open to these kinds of arrangements.

  1. Swap gifts for help

Rather than have guests bring tons of gifts to your wedding, most of which you won’t use, ask for help.

If you’ve for DJs, bakers, florists, make-up artists, photographers among them, you’re in luck. Ask them to substitute their gifts for helping at your wedding. They’ll be glad to do something for you on your special day.

  1. Enlist a family-owned diner or make your food

If you’re from a big family, making your own food gets easier and costs lesser.

The truth is that you can’t do it on your own. Enlist aunts, friends, and everyone else to join in the fun of making party food. If your family is a small one or they’re too busy, hire a family-owned diner to cater to your wedding food. It will come at a way cheaper rate than flamboyant or chain restaurants.

  1. Buy pre-used decor

Wedding decor, especially for the reception, can cost a ton.

If you have to buy fresh flowers, napkins, lights, centerpieces and all, you’d spend a lot. It’s more prudent to buy your decor from thrifts. Buy pre-used decor that was sold off by brides, as you may use them just that one time. Why spend so much on them then? After your wedding, you can resell them and make back a little buck.

Your wedding is one of the most interesting days of your life. You should never be set back by lack of finance. So follow these tips on how to have a cheap wedding, and see your dreams come true.

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