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4 Types Of Weekend Activities Every Father Should Adopt

The anticipated weekend is what we all grind through the 5 days for, but when the weekend shows up, we do what can be done. As a father, it should be more than a rest day.

If you’ve got toddlers bored from their toys, done with their homework, and look forward to some activities, this is your chance to step up your fatherhood. 

Weekend activities are what strengthen the bond of a loving and caring family. It is responsible for improving communication levels and openness towards one another.

As a father, you can play your role in encouraging good habits through activities like playing games. If you’re looking for movies to watch with kids on Netflix, we’ve got it all covered in this article. 

We start with 4 activities and once you see improvement, you can also add to the fun with more activities suggested at the end. Get yourself ready for the 4 types of weekend activities you should adopt. Let’s get started: 

Morning cycling 

A truly healthy lifestyle has mandatory exercise, and although we all grew up with a tricycle, then a bicycle, it has a charming appeal to it.

If you are aware of cycling parks or routes, you can prepare the family for a cycling routine. As you do so, you find yourself an excuse to get healthier and your family enjoys it as well. 

Notice that I said ‘morning’ cycling. The reason is that weekend mornings are the clearest and cleanest you’ll get the roads to be. There is no excessive traffic, no honking cars, and no sun exposure.

It is currently that you find the most peace on the road, the freshest breath of air, and a relaxed headspace as you pedal along your morning. Other than this aesthetics, cycling reduces heart-related diseases and can prevent you from getting a ‘dad bod’ at such a young age.

Practice it on the weekends and try turning it into a daily habit once you master weekend morning cycling routines. Encourage your family at the same time and watch their health and emotional state improve over time. 

Family movie time

Technology is not a curse, the way it is being used is. The same Netflix account that someone watches a documentary on, can be used to stream the Fifty shades series.

In our case, we should not just pick out kid movies and let them watch them. Children get more interested in the lessons and understandings once they have a parent right with them. 

As a father, you can pick out a series of movies to watch with your kid. That way, you preserve the screen time and do not let it become a binge-worthy habit.

Before you pick out any movie, choose one that has a great IMDb rating, fascinating synopsis, and good rotten tomato score.

Netflix is home to some of the best kid features that educate the audience on good habits. It wouldn’t kill you to lay off some horror and violence and enjoy cutesy cartoons occasionally. 

It is also factually true that the content you stream hurts your thinking. By watching hopeful, comedic, fun shows, you are filled with happiness, hope, and laughter.

The feelings that will help you become a much better father. Some good movies that encourage great habits are:

  • The Croods
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Kung Fu Panda series
  • Abominable, and many more

A live family outing

The pandemic is no longer an excuse (in some places) to engage in some outdoor experience. If there is a live sporting event, you should attend.

If there is a circus in town or a concert or a bake sale, you and your family should be the first on the participant list. 

Although weekends call for sleeping, you’d be surprised how much can be accomplished in the world through positive interactions and witnessing live events. As the events of the world slowly revert, you can make a day out with your family.

If there are not many events in your area, a trip to the beach or a picnic in the park is a great change of atmosphere. The families enjoy it and you get to enjoy it as a family man. 

Visiting the relatives

As a father, you’ve got kids to raise, and they need the right lessons on building relationships. In many cultures, there are large family trees, and they try to maintain contact with the most. This establishes love and harmony in the relations.

Maybe your brothers in town or your mother’s in-laws. Either way, visiting them will develop the relationship and improve your mental health as well. In case your relatives aren’t within reach, you can visit office colleagues and their families.

You’d be surprised how an invitation to relatives or friends can seem so surprising at this time, but it is a noble gesture of kindness. 


Fatherhood is tough undoubtedly, but if you live your weekend rights, you take a big step closer to acing it. There are also more activities like playing board games, cooking a meal, going fishing, etc.

The purpose is to meaningfully recharge you so that you enter the new week with a happy heart and a big smile. Enjoy the weekend! 



Jeff Campbell