What Are the Current Trends in Men’s Fashion?

Men scope out new trends as much as women. The latest men’s fashion trends ensure looks you can rock no matter how you identify. Of course, you still want to adhere to must-follow men’s style guides when adapting a trend to look your best.

There are various styles to choose from, each boasting some of this year’s top looks worthy of sharing on our list. By the looks of the Fall and Winter collections, it seems designers have saved their best creations for last.

Top Trends in Men’s Fashion

Through the years, fashion has become more diverse, in countless aspects. We expect the spectrum only to get broader moving forward, but here are the top trends in each style for now.

Colorful Coats

Colorful coats used to be a men’s fashion faux pas until recently. Though, it’s safe to say that time is long gone now.

Today, brands like Prada and Fendi showcase men’s outerwear outside of their typical neutral colors and straightforward designs. They’re introducing collections that have a little bit more oomph to them in the color department and have edgier designs.

These presentations of bright, colorful hues in coats show that eye-popping colors can work for men, too. Feel free to pile in those pinks, oranges, and blues in your closet any time.

Tonal Layers

Monochrome styling used to only be popular in womenswear, but it’s now as prevalent in men’s fashion. Dressing head-to-toe in one color technically shouldn’t work in theory, but it does in reality.

All the latest monochrome collections from Fendi and Private Poly display a bit of monochrome-everything, from head-to-toe black ensembles to all-yellow fits that look every bit as stunning on the male species as the female.

Bomber Jackets

Fashion houses like Prada and Giorgio Armani are designing what seems like the nth coming of bomber jackets. And why not? It’s a great look on men.

These jackets come in several styles and price points, so they aren’t too difficult to incorporate into your look. They also come in quality and affordable options, so you can change your look as often as you want.

The Furniture Knit

The funky geometric knits of the ‘70s are back, and they’re here to make the fashion game for men a little more interesting!

While they seem a bit out of place surrounded by bright summer clothes, the fall and winter season is where they really pop. Nothing works for men like knitted sweaters with pattern-only designs. Get them in a chunky fit for a slight edge and to add to the coziness.

Handy Dandy

This trend involving never carrying anything in your hands is all the rage these days. These collections of clothes have deeper and more spacious pockets, tech-neck phone cases, and lanyard-type bags to keep you hands-free as much as possible. True enough, if you desire a trendy look that allows you to keep valuables on you fashionably, these are must-add pieces for your wardrobe.


In a year of revivals, fleece has yet again made an appearance in men’s outerwear. The thick-pile retro styles are as popular as ever, but designers are working even more fabric into their autumn and winter pieces.

This time around keep your fleece trends to a minimum. Keep it to one piece per ensemble because full-sheep is not a trendy look these days. Combine it with other textured fabrics to bring fresh overtones and undertones into your cold-weather looks.


When has leather ever been unpopular? The answer is never.

The fabric holds a timeless look that everyone loves. That’s why it comes as no surprise the material is trending yet again this autumn or fall season.

One of the smartest fashion decisions you can make these days is to purchase a high-end leather bomber jacket. Sure, it’ll come with a hefty price tag, but the fact that your piece will stand the test of time fashionably and physically makes it a super-sound investment. Go for a belted-waist design because that one’s a proven winner.

Relaxed Legs

Tight-fitting legwear is off the menu for now. In their place are trousers reminiscent of ‘90s pants that have more relaxed fits.

Tight-fitting jeans were a trend for the better part of the decade, so some may be hesitant to transition to freer trousers. Though you’ll soon find that this isn’t just a great trend style-wise, it’s also top-notch when it comes to comfort.

Go For Looks That Give You Confidence

Don’t just adapt a style because it’s popular. Adapt it because it makes you look good and feel confident.

There are all kinds of menswear styles for a broad range of identities and personalities. Then again, feel free to experiment. If you’re confident enough in your own skin, you should be able to make most of these outfits work for you.


Jeff Campbell