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What Does It Feel Like To Have A Relationship With A German Guy?

Are you single and looking forward to dating someone in Germany?

Then, this post is for you. Keep reading till the end to know what to and what not to expect while dating a German guy.

Let us help you right from where to find a German guy.

Where to find German men to date?

As per the German culture, they prefer to find their partners from their friend circle. But with the changes in our lifestyle over the past two years due to the pandemic, everything shifted to the online platform. Therefore, finding a German guy has become easier than earlier. There is something you need to know – German guys, compared to other cultures, are more serious regarding relationships. Of course, this may not always be true.

Nowadays, online dating has become extremely popular, and you can connect with people with similar likes across the globe. So you can connect with German men via Instagram and take it over to your DMs. And who knows, once you click with them you can win over hearts and some German Instagram likes too!

German men are very punctual

Germans are famous for their punctuality. Usually, when we decide to meet a friend outside, even if we are a bit late, it doesn’t matter. But when it comes to dating a German guy, it is better not to be late. So, be on time on your date because if you have decided to meet at 2 pm, the guy will be there at 2 pm.

German guys prefer deep conversations over small talk

Most Germans are not great at small talk, which explains why people say Germans are the opposite of Americans. Germans seem to be more reserved. So if you find an attractive German guy, take the initiative and converse with them. The initial stage may seem complicated, but once you get to know them, they will open up, and you will end up having a deep and meaningful conversation.

They are pretty direct

Germans are direct; in fact, they are too direct. This might take a while to accept for someone new to the German culture. They speak what they think and never sugar-coat their words. This means that if they find something annoying, they will let you know it.

German guys generally do not judge others

One of the massive plus points of dating a German guy is that they are less likely to judge people. No matter how you look or what you wear, Germans know how to respect people’s choices without judging them for their likes and dislikes.

They strictly believe in gender equality

Gender equality is exceptionally high among German people. It is quite hard to find a narrow-minded person from German; instead, they are pretty froward. They never see women as a weak gender; both men and women take responsibility for the household. There is also a good percentage of men staying home as housemen while their wives make a good salary.





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