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What Financial Help is Available for Families Living Abroad?

Today I want to touch on what financial help is available for families living abroad – which is the case for many of my readers (which come from as varied countries as Portugal to Norway!)

How to get the best financial terms and help for families living abroad

One thing is for sure: You and your family will need certain financial services when living abroad. Getting the best deals and terms will make a big difference when you start looking into mortgages, consumer loans, and credit cards. How to do so is what I will talk about now.


There are a few factors to consider before getting a mortgage abroad. One of the most important things to do is to find the right type of mortgage that suits your needs. This would be your first step towards getting a good deal on a home. The mortgage interest rates and the other terms and conditions vary from country to country. It is, therefore, necessary for you to know what these are, at any given point in time, before deciding which one is best for you.

In addition to finding the right type of mortgage, you also need to compare different rates from different lenders as well as their other terms before making a final decision. One should also be aware of all information about taxes and regulations related to property ownership in the foreign country they are planning on moving to before signing up for any kind of mortgage.

Consumer loans

One of the quickest and easiest ways to get a loan for consumer needs is to turn to a loan comparison service. You might find this repetitive, but comparing loans is a must-do if you want the best terms. You simply need to know what’s out there. There are several providers out there in just about any country that will help you with this – Google is your friend here to find them.

Credit cards

When you are living abroad, it is important to know your options when it comes to choosing a credit card. You need to make sure that the card will provide the best terms, the best benefits, and that you are fully aware of what you are signing up for before committing.

The first thing to do is research what cards are available in the country. You can do this by using a search engine or simply asking around in the community. When researching, make sure that you look into each card’s interest rates, fees, and other features so that you can choose the one with the best terms for your needs.

Some credit cards have an annual fee while others have fees based on usage – so be sure to find out which one is right for you before signing up!


If you feel overwhelmed with debt and struggle staying on top of payments, it is essential you find a solution before it gets out of control. Once it gets out of control and you start racking up debt collection cases and payment remarks, it’s much harder to regain control. This applies to both loans and credit cards. The second you sense you need help with your finances, get in touch with your bank or (and this is important) a certified company offering financial help and services.

If you pick the latter, Google is once again your friend here. A quick search in the country your family is in should return the most used financial services companies there (just make sure they are certified and have good reviews!).

If you’re in Portugal and Norway I know these are commonly used and have good online reviews:

Portugal: ComparaJá –
Norway: Lån for deg –

I hope that, as a result of reading this article, you will be a little better prepared to get the best financial help for you and your family living abroad.

Jeff Campbell