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What is a Dab Rig and How Does it Work?

Marijuana is no longer stigmatized or a taboo topic in society and as a result, the industry has become huge! You will find many products from vaporizers, edibles, tinctures, topicals, and sprays. One product that is growing in popularity is dab rigs. Dab rigs have been around for a few years now and they are very quickly becoming the go-to device for cannabis concentrates. Dabs can be smoked out of any glass pipe, however, they are most commonly smoked using a dab rig. If you have never seen, heard of, or used a dab rig before then it might be a bit confusing so here is everything that you need to know about dab rigs.

What is a dab rig?

A dab rig is a water pipe that is designed to work with cannabis concentrates such as dabs and wax instead of just dry herbs. Dab rigs were first made in 2006 because it provides an easy to use experience that is comfortable, unlike previously dabs.

Dab Rigs use concentrated cannabis, which is potent and simple to use: you heat the nail with a torch, place a dab of concentrate in the nail on the rig and then inhale the resulting vapour. 

Dab rigs produce vapour, not smoke, making it much stronger. The benefits of inhaling through dab rigs are that it is much healthier than conventional smoking, gives you a stronger high, and are easily available through reputable sites companies like Molino which you can find here

What does it consist of?

A dab rig consists of many tools and many accessories including:

  • Rig: This is the foundation of the dab rig and is a glass water pipe. The rig also connects to a nail or a bowl.
  • Banger or nail: This is the attachment where dabs are vaporized when it is heated. They are made out of glass, quartz, titanium, and ceramic. Some bangers will have a vacuum-sealed jacket that allows heat to be retained for a long period of time.
  • Carb cap: This is a glass, ceramic, quartz, or titanium cap with a small hole that covers the top of the nail. The Carb cab lowers the pressure in the nail or banger trapping the heat and reducing the vaporization temperature.
  • Dabber: This is a tool used for removing dab from the concentrate container and putting it inside the nail or banger for vaporization.
  • Torch: This is a hand torch for heating the nail.
  • E-nail: this is a device that allows you to dial in a precise temperature and then heats the nail electronically to the exact temperature that you chose.
  • Quartz insert: When inserted, acts as an internal carb cap.

How to use one

Dabs are a concentrated form of marijuana made from extracting THC as well as cannabinoids. The sticky oil produced goes by many names including wax, shatter, budder, butane, hash oil, and RSO. The wax is the size of a rice grain and is put on a dab rig and heat is applied until smoke is released and then you inhale the smoke. There are different types of dab rigs including:

  • Class dab rig: The most popular glass.
  • Cheap dab rig: smooth and enjoyable but no customization and less durable and doesn’t last long.
  • Silicone dab rig: silicone, very durable and comes in unique appearances and colours.
  • Electric dab rig: known as e-nails. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to dab. Comes in a full rig or simply as a nail and provides perfect temperature.

What should I be careful about?

When using a dab rig, there are some things that you need to be careful of including:

  • Don’t overheat the concentrate
  • Don’t overfill the water chamber
  • Don’t load the nail with too much concentrate
  • Avoid using more than a crumb of extract to begin with.

Using a dab rig might seem complicated and overwhelming for new users because there are so many parts involved and it is quite an intricate process, however, once you learn how the dab rig works, it can be quite a fun experience to assemble everything and smoke using this tool and method.

People are exploring more creative methods of smoking and dab rigs are definitely becoming a popular one.




Jeff Campbell