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What Is A Waterfall Kitchen Island?

Waterfall kitchen islands are starting to become the latest design feature addition of choice in homes across the UK. This is because they are practical, incredibly striking, and they provide a stunning centerpiece for the space in which they’re installed.

If you’ve heard about them but you’re not quite sure what they are, or why you should have one, this article is all you need for a complete overview of these beautiful, valuable kitchen features:

What Is A Waterfall Kitchen Island?

A waterfall kitchen island is a prominent kitchen feature that elevates what would usually be a worktop mounted on an oval or rectangular stand or set of cabinets, complete with aesthetically pleasing external panels to complete the look. Instead of the worktop being above the floor horizontally, usually with a gap between the edge and the panels underneath holding it up, a waterfall kitchen island flows across and down to the floor on at least one edge. The worktop and the side panel meet, extending across and down to the floor, creating the flowing ‘waterfall’ look usually at one or two ends of the counter.

What Are The Benefits Of A Waterfall Kitchen Islands?

A worktop island in itself, without any special design features, is a phenomenal addiction to a kitchen. It is modern, breaks up a large space, and creates a beautiful area for preparing delicious dishes, doing work, eating meals and being social. You can also enhance it with overhanging pan storage, lighting and even a hydroponic hanging plant and herb garden – there are lots of options to make the most of this functional and beautiful design option.

The reason that waterfall ends are chosen to enhance a kitchen island is both functional and visual.

Functionally, waterfall worktops mean no harsh edges, which means more kitchen safety for children and adults alike. It also helps to protect the cabinets underneath more effectively overall.

Aesthetically, a waterfall kitchen island is seamless and flowing, creating an aesthetic sense of purpose and visual appeal. You can have it finished in many different design styles including: contrast, multi-level, veined, overhanging and more – the possibilities are extensive.

Having this type of island can also extend the impact of stunning natural stone worktop finishes, which are popular options as kitchen island worktop materials because they are so durable and aesthetically pleasing. The quality of the stone is enhanced because the material is no longer restricted to the horizontal worktop itself, and instead flows vertically, too. Matching natural stone like quartz, granite and marble are beautiful worktop options anyway, but with a waterfall design, the gloss, patterns, flecks and tones within your chosen natural stone can be seen and enjoyed from different angles of the kitchen, catching the light and the eye of anyone who enters that space.

A waterfall kitchen island pushes the luxury and beauty of the natural stone much further, creating a truly stunning centerpiece for the heart of the home.

Why Not Speak To The Experts About A Waterfall Kitchen Island For Your Home?

If you would love to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your kitchen island with a waterfall design, why not speak to a natural stone worktop company like EGKW today to find out more. It’s a valuable, luxurious investment in your home that will provide long-lasting use and beauty, perfect for this integral part of the home that is so highly used and valued by the whole family day after day.


Jeff Campbell