What is Axie Infinity and How Does It Differ From Decentraland?

The world of cryptocurrency is evolving, welcoming more and more interesting and promising projects. Metaverses and blockchain games are gaining momentum today, but their popularity has not reached its peak yet.

The play-to-earn concept brings game playing to a completely new level. If earlier, playing computer games, we only received scores for different achievements, then now it is possible to earn real money. It stimulates the development of such projects that allow players to generate income in the process of playing games.

One of the most trendy play-to-earn platforms that made a real fuss in the crypto society is Axie infinity.

What is Axie and How to Earn AXS Crypto?

The Axie platform’s developers were inspired by a previously popular Pokémon game and created the play-to-earn platform where participants can enjoy the gameplay and earn NFTs. NFT is a unique token that has its value. AXS is the Axie infinity coin that plays a key role in rewarding players. Using the token, players can breed new Axies and battle, at the same time contributing to the entire Axie ecosystem. The platform includes such main components:

  1. creating new NFTs through breeding
  2. Axies duels
  3. Land
  4. Trading AXS.

The more new players join the game, the better the platform evolves; thus, the higher the AXS coin price.

If to compare with a popular Decentraland, we can say Axie game offers its crypto wallet, while Decentraland does not. The same as with Axie, in Decentraland, you can use MANA tokens to buy land and other in-game items. Both AXS crypto and MANA tokens can be traded. As of October 24, 2022, the Axie infinity coin price is $8.52, and the MANA token’s price is $0.5993. You can buy and trade both popular tokens on the WHiteBIT crypto platform.

Jeff Campbell